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  • Former Houston District Court Chief Prosecutor
  • Former Houston Misdemeanor Court Chief Prosecutor
  • Nationally Certified Mediator-Arbitrator – Triple Certification
  • Nationally-Known Author and Speaker on Civil Rights
  • Washington, DC Speech-Maker on Constitutional Issues
  • Licensed to Practice in the United States Supreme Court
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  • Former UH Adjunct Professor of Law
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Houston Weapon Crimes Defense Attorney Carl Haggard is at the forefront of Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys with a proven track record of winning results for clients charged in Houston, Texas, Harris and surrounding counties with: Felon in Possession of Weapon/Tampering with Serial No., Felony Possession of Prohibited Weapon, Misdemeanor Possession of Prohibited Weapon, Carrying Prohibited Weapon in Prohibited Place, Unlawful Carrying a Weapon, Discharging a Firearm in a Metropolitan Area, Deadly Conduct, Disorderly Conduct and related offenses.

Weapons Law Q&A

Will deferred adjudication on my record prevent me from being able to own a firearm?

No, under Texas law if you have successfully completed the Deferred Adjudication period and your case was subsequently dismissed. You have no conviction under Texas law and no firearm ownership disabilities. Yes, under Texas law if you are under Rules of Community Supervision that contain such prohibition. But here’s the rub: Under federal law, Deferred Adjudication is unknown and the feds treat all state Deferred Adjudication judgments as regular probations and, thus, a law violation.

Therefore, you then have to look at whether your case was any felony or a misdemeanor involving family violence or if you are under a restraining (protection) order for domestic abuse in any state (thanks in part to the vote of the former Junior Senator from Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison, in favor of the 1997 federal Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban), in which case you are banned under federal law from the shipment, transport, ownership and use of guns or ammunition.

So far this 1997 violation of the Second Amendment has only been enforced on the federal level against federal employees and soldiers. I would advise all citizens not subject to the 1997 federal Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban (I would never encourage anyone to violate any federal law) and who are eligible under their state law: Buy large caliber auto-loading defense rifles. Buy a lot of ammunition. Buy large capacity clips. The best way to protect a right is to exercise it with vigor. I hope that you are able, but you should consult a private attorney about your particular case.