Protective orders (sometimes “restraining orders”) [see Texas Penal Code §25.07] are often issued by judges in cases involving domestic violence, stalking, and related charges. If one has been accused of breaking the order, they may be charged with violation of protective order.

Violation of protective order is a contempt of court charge as it is alleged to be a violation of an order directly provided by a judge. However, in addition to contempt of court, Texas applies a more serious charge in protective order cases related to domestic violence.

Violations of protective order can be charged not only in cases of actual physical violence but in cases of physical proximity, verbal threats, and even verbal threats indirectly through other persons that the one protected by the order.

Penalties for Violation of Protective Order

Many first-time violation of protective orders are misdemeanors (this doesn’t mean they are not serious as even some misdemeanors can have life-long consequences for work and other areas of life.) However, protective orders related to assault and stalking are third-degree felonies that can result in very large fines up to $10,000 and years in prison. Even misdemeanors can carry up to one year in jail and high fines.

Violation of Protective Order Attorney

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