Unlawful Restraint

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unlawful restraint 4UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT
Case No. 1441249 – Ciprian A.
Ciprian’s girlfriend told police he held her down her for several hours after an argument until she agreed to pray with him. Then, she tried to flee in her car but told police that he jumped in and grabbed her keys and purse to prevent her.  She further told police he was very controlling and had done things like this to her in the past.  Our investigation uncovered a different story, including several important extenuating circumstances, such as that Complainant had severe panic attacks and that he was preventing her from driving during this dangerous frame of mind.  Using medical testimony regarding her Anxiety Disorder diagnosis, among other legal defenses, we were able to bring the truth to light despite Complainant’s testimony and the officer’s Affidavit to the contrary.
Case No. 1025014 – Jeffrey B.