Case No. 1077149 – Inez L.
Weekend in Jail
This was our client’s second theft case of over $5,000. Prosecutors offered 1 year state jail; the Judge could have given her pen time; Mr. Haggard got her a WEEKEND IN JAIL after our client paid restitution to the Complainant.

We truly believe you are a very good person that really wants to help someone where there is a “fair reason”. Not to mention how impressed we are with your attention and your success in getting such a fair plea bargain agreement; it seems just a little less than a miracle.
~ Inez L.

Cause No. 1759382 – Cheryl H.
Cheryl was clearly caught on camera shoplifting at Kohl’s. After reviewing the evidence in the case, we advised her that a Dismissal was out of the question. Although she had a prior Theft conviction on her record she hired us in hopes that we could save her from jail and probation due to her many health, personal and family issues which would have been extremely difficult for her and her family. We requested her medical records of her several recent injuries and illnesses, her psychological treatment records, her medication history for anxiety, her records of efforts at mitigation such as AA attendance, and letters of recommendation and compiled a presentation which we skillfully, persuasively and compassionately argued to a quite lenient resolution of a low fine with no jail time or probation.

I had a second offense misdemeanor Theft case which was a clearly guilty charge. Mr. Haggard spoke with me extensively about options and possible outcomes. All pertinent information about myself such as medical issues, medications, prior offenses, state of mind, mitigation, etc. was presented to the Court in such a manner to obtain for me a fine only. He told me exactly how we should proceed in my case and I came out much better than I had hoped for. No jail, no probation. He saved my dignity. He is a very competent and caring lawyer. ~ Cheryl H.