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Terroristic Threat 5 16TERRORISTIC THREAT

Case No. 2062836 – Terry N.

DISMISSED April 29, 2016

Complainant and client were next-door neighbors. Complainant was playing extremely loud music while working on his car in his driveway. After a heated argument over the music, CW accused client threatening to “to blow his head off” and told police client had also threatened to shoot him on previous occasions. We had no witnesses for either side so we fought this largely on compiling and arguing character evidence to show our client as credible and to impeach Complainant. To force the DA’s to believe in our client’s innocence we used each party’s criminal record, service record, employment achievements, the testimony of neighbors to each party’s behavior in the neighborhood, character letters, and detailed documentation of several background incidents between Complainant and client’s family showing Complainant in a negative light – ultimately successful in having our client’s terroristic threat charge in Houston dismissed.

Terrorist Threat LawyerTERRORISTIC THREAT

Case No. 1940419 – Jamesia J.


Client had 2 prior Terroristic Threat convictions in Texas when her ex’s new girlfriend lied, saying Jamesia had gone to her ex’s house, banged on the window with a gun, and threatened to kill her. Then she smirked, “We have a gift for you – you’re going to jail.’ Client had admittedly gone to the house and knocked on the window. The challenge was convincing the DA’s she had made no death threat. We filed Motions and were preparing for Jury Trial when we successfully got Jamesia’s terroristic threat charged dismissed.

Terroristic Threat Attorney Houston TexasTERRORISTIC THREAT

Case No. 1713825 – Edward N.


This case was unusual in that it spanned 3 years from the filing of charges by Edward’s ex-wife to our hard-won Dismissal. It was also prolonged due to a high level of animosity between the parties and much “smoke from other fires” – many crossover issues from a nasty divorce, custody and property proceedings. The several DA’s office changes and the need for us to work out these issues with both parties’ divorce lawyers also caused delays. The allegations involved both allegedly texting, up to 100 times a day, to reconcile after the divorce was finalized, as well as alleged verbal and text threats. For example, texting that “[name of Complainant’s new boyfriend] is dead” and telling her, “I want you dead. I’m going to burn down the house with you in it.” Complainant told police she took him at his word; yet, she offered to “drop charges” if he would sign over the Warranty Deed on the house. All pertinent records were subpoenaed, trial motions filed and witnesses and experts lined up on both sides for the trial when the State dropped their bluff in the face of our proof and preparation.

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Case No. 1499955 – Irvin D.


Irvin had several prior convictions with charged with terroristic threat in Houston, Texas. After an arguement, Irvin’s wife told him he had to leave. Irvin did so calmly and without causing any damage but his wife, still quite upset, told police he had threatened to kill her. Mr. Haggard was unable to obtain a Dismissal in the early stage of the case, yet Irvin was unwilling to plead to something he didn’t do. [Note: Herein lies the key. If you’re not guilty – don’t plead!] We set the case for trial and prepared witnesses, obtained pertinent documentation, such as cell phone records, by subpoena, filed our Motions etc. Had Mr. Haggard not been able to finally convince the State they had evidence problems, we were thoroughly prepared for trial – although Irvin was admittedly relieved not to have to go through it.

I had some problems in the past but Mr. Haggard defended me like a new-borm baby. They dismissed the case just before Trial when Mr. Haggard convinced the prosecutor they didn’t have enough evidence to start the trial. I thank God for Mr. Haggard!
~ Irvin D.

Terrorist Threat Defense AttorneyTERRORISTIC THREAT

Case No. 1525086 – Charles S.


Charles had prior convictions. This incident involved a heated argument with his father, who called police and told them his son had threatened to kill him. Found at the scene was a broken TV that Charles had dropped during the argument but which led police to believe his father’s claim of death threats. Added to the irony is that Charles’ father is a dialysis patient whom Charles cares for. Father and son reconciled and Mr. Haggard was able to obtain a Dismissal of the terroristic threat charge based on the lack of evidence which he sufficiently proved as well as witness testimony.

I love the Man like a brother. Thank you Mr. Haggard for fighting for me!
~ Charles S.

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Case No. 1485728 – Kenneth B.


Since Kenneth had a prior Assault – Murder case he knew it would be tough to get this bogus charge dismissed. Further, it looked bad since his girlfriend had been tricked into signing a statement the police wrote thinking it was merely a report they would file. Kenneth was driving his 18-wheeler at the time of the incident and a witness, listening in on another phone line, allegedly heard him tell her he was going to ram his truck into her house. Lack of probable cause, which Mr. Haggard proved, among other problems with the State’s case, helped us win this Dismissal for our client.

Terroristic Threat Defense CounselTERRORISTIC THREAT WHILE ON PAROLE

Case No. 1269766 – Waddell P. T


At the time of his arrest, our client was on parole out of TDC for Robbery. In a classic case scenario, our client’s wife lied to police, out of vengeful anger after an argument, that our client had threatened to kill her. She was later afraid to retract her story for fear of getting charged with false report. Using his knowledge of this court and his extensive experience in handling many such “vengeful spouse syndrome” cases, Mr. Haggard was able to obtain a Dismissal.

Terrorstic Threat Defense Attorney Houston TexasTERRORISTIC THREAT

Case No. 9843269 – Jean-Paul C.


Our client had threatened to kill his babysitter.

Mr. Haggard dedicated his utmost professionalism to represent me. He convinced the prosecutors to dismiss my case instead of giving me Pre-Trial Diversion and relieved my and family’s life.
~ Jean-Paul C.


Case No. 1156390 – Paul S.



Case No. 1094433 – Monica T.