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Shoplifting – also called retail theft, is a serious crime in Houston, Texas. Penalties for shoplifting can be misdemeanors up to third degree felonies – the extent of a conviction is based on the value of the items stolen. While penalties can include fines up to $4000 for misdemeanors and $10,000 for felonies – and potentially long jail sentences, a shoplifting conviction can have negative consequences long afterwards, including losing opportunities for employment and licenses. If you or a loved one is charged with retail theft in Houston you need an experienced shoplifting defense attorney with a winning record. Carl Haggard has been defending the people of Houston for over 30 years and after your free confidential consultation is prepared to fight for you.

Shoplifting Dismissals


Case No. 2289473 – Sonia C..

DISMISSED – No Probation, No Deferred Adjudication, No Pre-Trial Diversion

Sonia had a prior Shoplifting conviction when she hired us to try to beat her 2nd Shoplifting case. She was caught outside a Kohl’s store with stolen items in her purse. They had her on surveillance & she admitted to it. We fought this case on 2 fronts – documenting online advertised sales prices as an argument to decrease the value of the stolen items, together with documentation of psychiatric treatment: a bipolar type II diagnosis causing an episode of mania which resulted in shoplifting, & a psychiatric recommendation that effective treatment of her bipolar disorder would prevent future episodes of shoplifting.


Case No. 1945133 – Nicole L.

DISMISSED – No Probation, No Deferred Adjudication, No Pre-Trial Diversion

Nicole was caught on camera shoplifting $160 worth of goods at Sears. In this unusual case we were able to arrange for Nicole to pay her debt to society but then to also creatively argue for a true Dismissal without any type of probation. Part of our defense centered around the extreme stressors in her life which contributed to – although did not excuse – her crime – such as her Down’s Syndrome child’s recent diagnosis with leukemia, her elderly mother’s need of continual care after a recent release from life support, & documentation of depression & counseling for it.

THEFT – SHOPLIFTINGTheft Attorney Houston

Case No. 1672176 – Alfonso C.

DISMISSED – No Probation, No Deferred Adjudication, No Pre-Trial Diversion

Alfonso was a European PhD research botanist, patent-holder, author, lecturer and professor with a very distinguished resume when accused of stealing electronics equipment in a bizarre incident at a computer store. We reviewed his case, advised him on what needed to be done, what to provide us with and were able to get this case dismissed to keep his record unblemished.

shoplifting defenseTHEFT – SHOPLIFTING

Case No. 1295043 – Jesus G.

DISMISSED – No Probation, No Deferred Adjudication, No Pre-Trial Diversion

Our client walked out of a major sporting goods chain wearing a pair of stolen tennis shoes. He enhanced our chances of beating the case by doing what Mr. Haggard customarily advises all of our clients to do in similar cases. Mr. Haggard went to work on the case and got it dismissed by the first court setting w/ NO probation, NO classes, NO fines, NO court costs and NO Community Service.

Mr. Haggard was a Godsend. He worked hard on my case and] had the best outcome I could’ve asked for, a dismissal on the first hearing on theft. Thank you for honesty and support. I never thought of a dismissal.
~ Jesus G.


Case No. 1491845 – Hung P.


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