As of September 1st 2015 Texas Legislature passed SB1902, a new law that allows 1st time misdemeanor convictions to be sealed. This is great because it will make it easier for people found guilty of minor offenses to obtain employment as well as gain the other benefits of not having a misdemeanor conviction on one’s record.

Who Qualifies for Record Sealing Under The New Law?

While the law has many details, the main points for eligibility for the new record sealing law are as follows:

  1. Only misdemeanors are eligible for sealing under the new law
  2. To qualify for record sealing under the new law, the misdemeanor offense must have been commited on or after September 1st, 2015.
  3. The new law does not apply to all misdemeanors. To find out if your misdemeanor can be sealed, please call our office at (832) 328-0600 or send us an email using our contact form.
  4. To qualify, the misdemeanor conviction must be a 1st time guily plea – which means no prior charge to which you pleaded guilty – including no priors that have been sealed.
  5. Felonies are not eligible for sealing under the new law (deferred felonies may still be sealed after the 5 year waiting period if you meet all other qualifications.)

The list of misdemeanor offenses which cannot be sealed remains the same under the new law, including (but not limited to): DWI’s, liquior violations, family and serious cases of violence, and many sex offenses.) For a full list see Who Can Receive Sealed Records or contact us for a free consultation.

Get Your 1st Time Misdemeanor Conviction Sealed

SB 1902 is great news for persons who have been convicted of minor misdemeanor offenses. Such offenses should not hold a person back from gainful employment or otherwise achieving one’s life goals. If you have questions about the new sealing law, please visit our detailed information page at SB 1902 New Non-Disclosure Law or don’t hesitate to call (832) 328-0600 or email us for an initial consultation regarding your charges. Carl Haggard, of The Haggard Law Firm, has over 30 years of experience as a defense attorney and has served as District Chief Prosecutor. He has a winning track record of helping people seal their records so that they can move on with their life without being burdened by past mistakes.

The Haggard Law Team