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home invasion 3ROBBERY – BODILY INJURY
Case No. 1279378 – Mark C.
This case involved a volatile relationship which had resulted in several past police visits. So when Mark’s girlfriend – Complainant – made a lying, vindictive call to police out of rage and jealousy, she was confident of an arrest: She told police Mark had made a forced entry (lie), that he hit her (true – but she omitted to say in self-defense) and that he took her phone and wallet (lie). She left out that after taking meth, she had gone through Mark’s wallet, become jealous, and violently attacked him with a 2 ft. board. Mark defended himself but then panicked and fled after she laughingly told him she had just called her HPD boyfriend and he was about to go to jail. Mark had just gotten out TDC on an 8 year Robbery sentence. Complainant gave a sworn statement consistent with police photos of her injuries and the Offense Report. We overcame police evidence and her prior consistent statement by successfully arguing self-defense and sufficiently proving the door damages were prior. We presented sworn Affidavits of Business Records using phone records and other family testimony to prove Complainant and Mark had spoken several times prior to the incident. We also had a star witness, whose testimony we procured for the Grand Jury. Complainant had carelessly divulged her motive to this witness: To “get Mark out of the way permanently.” Our witness was also able to testify to no forced entry – that Complainant had invited Mark – as well as to the other elements of our defense.

I have hired Mr. Haggard three times for my troublesome brothers and each time I have received the results I was hoping for. Most recently, my brother Mark was wrongfully charged with Robbery by a bitter girlfriend and faced heavy prison time as a repeat offender; he had just spent 8 years in TDC for Aggravated Robbery Deadly Weapon. I knew the DA wasn’t going to be lenient this time around. Mark spent 3 months in county while Mr. Haggard worked on his case. He was eventually released because Mr. Haggard was able to get a No Bill by the Grand Jury. Mr. Haggard is an amazing defense attorney who handled all 3 cases I hired him for professionally & efficiently. I trust him 100% & without a doubt recommend him to anyone. ~ Nicole C., Mark’s sister

Case No. 1060706 – Jabary T.
Our client was accused of being one of a group of teens who assaulted and robbed the Complainant. Our client did have a fight with the Complainant but someone else in the group actually robbed him. Using witnesses and the evidence, among other tactics, Mr. Haggard was able to get the case dismissed.
woman robbing 4ROBBERY – THREATS
Case No. 767602 – Elizabeth C.

Case No. 874266 – Stephen C.