Case No: 2151961 –Rene A.

DISMISSED August 17, 2007

Rene hired us hoping for a Deferred as he did not think we could get his case dismissed. He and a friend pulled away from a light late at night in Humble when a 3rd party started driving crazy, cutting them off and brake checking them. They responded with similar behavior but when stopped Rene fabricated a story that the other guy had hit him and he was chasing him while calling 911. After the officer refuted it based on evidence, Rene admitted his lie. A gun was found in his backpack during the arrest. We used testimony from his friend/witness and strong negotiating to satisfy the DA’s office and obtain Dismissals of both charges. We also got him his gun back.

Reckless Driving

Case No: 2158823 –Chris W.

DISMISSED August 3, 2007

Chris was on 5 years felony probation when he was charged with Reckless Driving for speeding and running a red light. The incident was captured on in-car video and he told the officer he was “having a bad night & blowing off steam”. The State filed to revoke him for picking up the new charge of Reckless Driving as well as several other problems with his probation. First we got the revocation motion thrown out then Mr. Haggard was able to argue the Chief into a dismissal of the Reckless Driving charge.


Case No: 2087414 – Michael A.


Michael was on probation for a felony sex offense in Houston when charged with Racing while out driving with his car club. The DA’s on the Racing case wanted to give him time served – a conviction – which would revoked him and gotten him 20 years penitentiary time. Although the video showed him loudly revving his engine we successfully used maps of the area to downplay the extent of racing and advocated strongly for a Dismissal of the Racing case and reinstating his felony probation.


Case No: 1722703 – Andrew F.


The statute for “Reckless Driving” includes a “willful, wanton disregard for safety of people and property” component. In Andrew’s case, we argued that the only person and property whose safety were imperiled were his when his motorcycle struck a pole and he flew off it. His gas tank caught fire and he was transported to the hospital for injuries. To add insult to injury, he was charged with Reckless Driving in Houston based upon the report of a State’s witness that he was speeding and making unsafe lane changes to swerve around her. Andrew had a bad driving record, which made a Dismissal improbable. But using creative negotiation, we obtained a true Dismissal after some unique documentation of non-standard community service.


Case No. 1499400 – Ryan N.


Ryan was followed home by an over-zealous off-duty police officer who maintained he “recklessly cut her off” in traffic. We had a witness to the contrary – a friend following behind him in another car. As her car was unmarked and he thought she was trying to run him off the road, Ryan drove home – carefully. We were able to use as an excellent witness a constable who observed his confrontation with her – she was aggressive with Ryan, who unfortunately did not maintain his composure and which no doubt encouraged her to arrest him on false charges in revenge. We had sufficient evidence and witnesses which we used with sound legal argumentation to get this case dismissed.