If you are charged with Prostitution in Houston Texas, Harris County, or surrounding areas, contact Carl Haggard today for a free confidential consultation regarding your case. Carl is an Ex-District Chief Prosecutor with over 30 years of verifiable winning experiencing. You will personally speak with an attorney and Carl will immediately begin your case to provide you the best defense possible.

Our Recent Harris County Dismissals Against Prostitution Charges


Case No. 2159825 – Jeremy M.


Jeremy was on his way home from work when he pulled into a parking lot off 59 and Bissonnet near home to check out a tire noise. He was approached by an undercover sting officer but told her he wasn’t interested, he was married, his wife was following him (she was, also on her way home from work). Then as a joke he began to play along with her, saying “I’ll meet up with you later”, drove off, and was immediately pulled over. We went to trial based on the strength of our legal research and argumentation of the nature of an “agreement” arguing that “later” was no agreement under the law nor could intent be legally proven. The trial was underway and going in our favor when the District Attorneys moved to dismiss the case – better to dismiss a case than lose a trial.


Case No. 1686218 – Estevan C.


This was a sting operation in which Estevan was approached by a wired undercover police officer. He asked, “Are you a cop?” She said, “No, I’m not a cop. Are you?” He replied, “No – I’m on probation”. She then proceeded to solicit him and to try to entrap him by making him say the right words to be able to arrest him under the statute. Particular attention was paid to whether Estevan actually said “yes” or only nodded assent – we argued the latter – and whether the other statutory requirements were met, such as agreeing to a price. We argued that he was not caught on tape sufficiently, agreeing only to “go over there and talk.” After this the arresting officer told him they had him on tape but ensuing discussion among the officers indicated confusion as to whether or not they had enough and the right kind of evidence to get a conviction. Estevan asked to hear the tape for himself but the response was, “You can hear it in court”. Charges were filed but we fought the case on the evidence and won a Dismissal despite the fact he was on felony probation for PCS.


Case No Expunged by Mr. Haggard – Zephia R.


A jury trial was waived and trial was to the Judge because Mr. Haggard noted that the D.A.’s charging instrument was faulty. An Instructed Verdict of “Not Guilty” was entered when Mr. Haggard pointed out the faulty charging instrument to the Judge.

I was falsely charged with prostitution by undercover “Vice Officers”…Mr. Haggard calmed our fears by teaching us court etiquette and procedure as well as prosecution and defense manner of questioning. After the Judge had heard the prosecution side only, Mr. Haggard got the charges dismissed due to his attention to detail and knowledge of the law.
~ Zephia R.