Our Criminal Defense Case Results


PCS – Meth, Crack, Xanax, Cocaine, Scale
Case No. 1734303 – Blake B.
DISMISSED January 12, 2022
Blake was on Federal probation for Drug Trafficking related charges when charged with possession of meth, crack, xanax & cocaine. He hired Haggard Law because he desperately needed a Dismissal to save his Federal probation from being revoked. Cops arrived on scene after he hit a car & failed to stop. They detained Blake for “being nervous” & he gave permission to search his truck, which rendered legal suppression of the search likely to fail. The search yielded a K9 training type lockbox with drugs & paraphernalia. We focused our defense on proving lack of connection of the drugs to Blake & his plausible lack of knowledge of their existence through subpoenas of truck documents, Affidavits & other legal arguments. State did not buy it however & was prepared to try the case on the grounds of “nervousness, lack of eye contact, & hesitant speech”. We held steady with our defenses & bolstered our case with letters of recommendation & Blake’s efforts to better himself by obtaining several diplomas, certificates & a scholarship to a CDL program. Just prior to setting it for Trial Mr. Haggard buttonholed the Chief in open Court & forcefully argued the merits of our defenses yet again, this time prevailing with a Dismissal.


“Late last year while on Federal Probation I was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. Because of my situation I was not only facing prison in Texas, but ALSO facing revocation of my Federal Probation. I could not afford to take chances with a public defender in this matter, as the potential consequences were severe.
I chose to hire Carl Haggard. His entire team was straight forward from the beginning and handled my case with kindness and professionalism.
In the end, the charges against me were dismissed, my probation was not revoked. I am grateful to say I am composing this review from the comfort of my home office while listening to my daughter play and smelling the aroma of my wife’s cooking.”

Case No. 1195799 – Andre D.
Andre’s vehicle was searched without consent and without Mirandizing him. A digital scale with residue was found. Some of the problems with this case were the obvious profiling of a young black male driving a late-model prestigious sports car with rims and the weak links back to our client which the DA’s tried to use to prove possession.
Case No. 200106108 – Elias V.
Elias was arrested in a parking lot sweep where drug activity was allegedly being conducted. The primary arresting officer, under our grueling cross-examination was pressured into admitting the search exceeded his lawful authority.