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Crack Cocaine Houston Legal Results Sample


Cause No. 1244666 – Charles M.


Charles was the owner of an extremely successful large event design firm whose company staged events honoring the last three U.S. presidents, whose philanthropic work included Diana’s Foundation, UNICEF and transforming Minute Maid Field into a gigantic wedding chapel for brides whose wedding facilities had been razed by Hurricane Ike and who regularly graced Houston’s top society magazines. With such a resume, Charles was not your typical drug suspect when stopped in his Hummer in a known narcotics area, visibly trembling at police interrogations. Powder cocaine, crack cocaine, and a pipe were found both on his person and in his Hummer. A passenger was arrested for the same thing. Based on his service to the community we pleaded for leniency and obtained a true Dismissal after he completed some requirements we had negotiated with the DA’s office.

PCS – Crack Cocaine PG 1 < 1 Gm. State Jail Felony

Cause No. 1327243 – Kelly H.


Kelly had been battling a cocaine addiction for the last 10 years but had been sober for the last 5 of those years. She had a prior TDC drug conviction and an MDCS State Jail conviction as well as other PCS charges. She relapased after a period of immense stress including the violent death of her teenaged daughter (killed by a boyfriend). We believe the arresting officer observed the buy and then pulled her over on a bogus traffic violation. To position ourselves for a favorable hearing to the judge, we advised her to pro-actively enroll in Supportive Outpatient Treatment and participate thoroughly, which she did. [As an aside, she was greatly helped to learn about co-dependency, about ways to cope with emotional pain other than substance abuse, and to develop a relapse prevention plan.] We also helped her produce and obtain letters that were not only well-written but put the emphasis where it belonged and showed to greatest advantage the positive strides she had made in recent years (employment, debt clearance, sobriety, etc.) and verifying the strength of her support system. Although we were prepared for a hearing, our case was ultimately won on the basis of the lack of Probable Cause for the search of the car, as we had argued. She was stopped on a completely bogus traffic violation. The reason for her arrest was not the 2 crack rocks found in the center console but the traffic violation. Thus, the inventory search stemming from this false arrest was illegal and there was no Probable Cause for the search.


Case No. 1056777 – Zandra F.


Our client was a professional woman concerned about this charge’s effect on her ability to continue in her profession. After being stopped by police for expired tags she gave consent to a search of her vehicle. A 30-minute search yielded nothing but a second officer arrived and, searching again, reportedly found a bag of crack cocaine under the floor mat of the driver’s seat. Using legal maneuvers appropriate to the facts of this case, Mr. Haggard proved our client’s lack of possession, as this term is understood in the law, which allowed her to continue in her career.


Case No. 1022970 – Neal N.


Our client was driving home at 12:30 a.m. after a work-related errand, which we were able to prove by documentation. Police stopped him for driving in the area of a known drug motel; a “police exaggeration”. His truck was searched without cause and crack cocaine was found in it. Our client does not use crack cocaine and tested clean on all of his drug tests. A current T.D.C. inmate was statementized, and admitted to leaving the cocaine in our client’s car just prior to that inmate’s own arrest for drugs. Mr. Haggard filed well-researched and compelling Motions, and the case was dismissed while set for Motions.

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If you are charged with or facing drug or cocaine charges in Houston / Harris County do not hesitate to contact defense attorney Carl Haggard. There may be options available that do not require jail time, losing your job, and other hardships.