PCS – [Cocaine Residue in Plastic Bag]

Case No. 1177174- James H.


James, with one friend in the front seat and his cousin in the back seat, parked at a residence where there was a party. As James and his cousin exited the vehicle, the cousin observed the front passenger pull a bag of cocaine from his pocket and use it. Just at this moment, police pulled alongside of James’ vehicle and asked to search on the questionable grounds there had been “problems in the past with parties in the area”. The friend with the cocaine was asked to exit the vehicle which he did, leaving his bag of residue on James’ seat. All three denied knowledge of the cocaine so James was arrested as being the owner of the vehicle. Police did not swab the user’s nose and further falsely claimed they field tested the residue. Evidence in the form of a cell phone message from the friend admitting he had bought it was problematic as in that recording the friend also stated James had used some. We outlined our defenses and the police errors, thoroughly prepared our witnesses, and agressively got this case before the Grand Jury right away.

Drugs 16PCS – COCAINE PG 1 < 1 Gm State Jail Felony

Case No. 1276490 – Christopher L.


In his initial written statement submitted to us, Christopher wrote, “I know y’all don’t know me but I’m really a good person. I have 5 wonderful children, 3 from a previous marriage and 2 beautiful little girls from my wonderful wife I have now. I pray that we can resolve this without being taken from my family.” We prayed but also worked very hard to help Chris since he had a prior felony drug conviction and a Federal drug conviction for methamphetamine. This case also involved an investigation by a US DOJ Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force Officer with the DEA Tactical Diversion Squad. At the time he hired HLF, Chris had turned his life around and was working a steady job as a boat mechanic which, due to prior injuries, caused him a great deal of pain. We thoroughly documented for the jury, using his medical records, his need for prescribed medications. We next contested the reason for the stop: The officer lied in the Offense Report that he “could not identify the state on the license plate”. (We easily disproved this with photos.) Both Chris and his passenger were arrested for pills inside plastic bags in a metal vial and a cigarette box: Soma, Oxycodone and Adderall [dextroamphetamine] broken into several pieces. Hurdles exist to be overcome and some of ours were prescriptions for a third party found in the vehicle and the fact that Chris told police they were “in Houston for a doctor’s appt.” – but – there was no appt. since they had “gotten the day wrong”. We prepared Chris on how to best testify to overcome these hurdles and prevailed – despite the fact that the Adderall – an amphetamine – was not documented with a valid Rx and he had a prior Federal amphetamine case.


Case No. 1280706 – Michael M.


Mike and a co-defendant / passenger were sitting inside a parked car at a carwash at 9:00 near Greens Rd. and Wayforest Dr. at 9:00 p.m. when police arrived. Allegedly they had been observed by undercover officers making a hand-to-hand transaction at a nearby gas station, driving to the carwash, and then smoking and passing the pipe. The vehicle was searched and a dirty crack pipe was found. The passenger tried to claim it but both were arrested. Mike ran a successful business and was supporting his family in addition to helping care for two grandchildren after his daughter passed away. Jail would have deprived his relatives of this financial support. Mike was hoping for rehab or probation but we were able to do better, obtaining a Dismissal based on proving up the weight of the cocaine as less than one gram by aggregate weight including adulterants and dilutants – a trace amount and not usable – and through character testimony.

PCS – Cocaine

Case No. 814167 – Dean B.


Mr. Haggard filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence with an extensive Brief on the pertinent law. Mr. Haggard convinced the prosecutor that the State would lose the Motion to Suppress Evidence as there were no exigent circumstances to support the warrantless search of our client’s mother’s home, where he lived.

When I was charged with marijuana and cocaine I just knew that having two previous felonies I was going back to prison. After talking to many many lawyers the minute I looked Mr. Haggard in the eye I knew he was the lawyer for me – I knew that he does not like to lose. He was ready to go all the way and the court knew it too. Just let him do his job and have faith that you have the best in your corner. With his background he knew what the D.A. was going to do before he even did it. I knew if anyone could do it you could, and you didn’t let me down. P.S. What I found amusing was the way the DA shunned all the lawyers that tried to talk to him. But every time Mr. Haggard talked to him, the DA would put his head in his hands as if to say – I don’t even want to go up against this guy – and listened until Mr. Haggard was through. Mr. Haggard TKO’d him before the first round and the DA knew it. Hire him, you’ll see.
~ Dean B.


Case No. 1004802 – Cash L.


Cash was stopped and searched as being “obviously high”, according to police claims but this was disputed. Further, although cocaine was found inside the truck our client was driving, the vehicle did not belong to him. Mr. Haggard won a Dismissal using witness testimony and his expertise in drug cases.

PCS – COCAINE – 10 oz.

Case No. 763444 – Trenell W.


Trenell was stopped while driving his vehicle and searched. He was a high school student with a promising athletic career which would have been ruined had Mr. Haggard not obtained a Dismissal.

Mr. Haggard is a wonderful attorney who helped me through a difficult time in my life – when I was facing a lot of jail time for [a crime] I had nothing to do with. Without Mr. Haggard and his thorough investigation, who knows where I’d be.
~ Trenell W.

PCS – Cocaine

Case No. 1191027 – Omar I.

Omar was a college student on probation for a prior PCS charge when the addiction won out over his best resolves and began using cocaine again for which he was arrested a second time.

Mr. Haggard is extremely knowledgeable and well-respected within the legal community. We were extremely pleased with his service. He kept us on task and explained all of our options very clearly. We believe that because of his rapport and expertise he was able to get the best outcome for me. I was very blessed to have him as my attorney. He really cares. I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal help.
~ Omar I.