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Misd TheftTHEFT
Case No. 2400009 – Tim G..
DISMISS – MAY 18, 2022
Tim was a commercial airline pilot. He had recently been through 2 years of stress around his wife’s life threatening illness & financial uncertainty. Her illness forcing her into early retirement, added to 2 years of Covid’s financial impacts on the airline industry, had taken their toll. Tim “snapped” one day while in a home improvement store & inexplicably stole some items. Mr. Haggard carefully & thoroughly documented the buildup of stress, together with the many positives in his life. And we advised our client what to do on his end [all of which he carefully carried out]. Despite a prior history for Theft, Mr. Haggard successfully argued for a Dismissal to protect client’s pilot’s license, TSA security checks & livelihood.

“You guys are THE BEST! I could never convey how much I thank you for your immense help in this situation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

Theft 47THEFT
Case No. 1903750 – Esther J.
Esther rushed into an Office Max on her lunch hour to purchase a large amount of office supplies for a big project.  On hurriedly picking up her supplies after checking out, she accidentally grabbed a smart phone a previous customer had left lying on the counter, thinking it was hers.  Closer scrutiny revealed it was not but by then she was back at work and the Office Max was a distance away.  She decided to drop it off at a nearby AT&T store on the way home and let them notify the owner.  We documented the circumstances thoroughly for the DA’s office and presented them, outside of court, with ample photographs and statements of the involved parties as well as a cogent, believable explanation of the situation and how it could have – and did – happen.  Our next step was to issue subpoenas for the AT&T and Office Max store managers and videos and documents – but our proactive laying of the groundwork and courtroom persuasion led to a first-setting Dismissal.
THEFTTheft 64
Case No. 1868501 – Tam L.
DISMISSED March 14, 2013
In a confusing case of identity theft, Complainant [the “victim”] bought a boat through a fraudulent ebay site.  The seller of the boat [not our client] informed Complainant his Paypal account had been cancelled so to instead wire the sales price of $4800 into his account – which was our client’s Chase account that he had hacked.  When the non-existent boat failed to be delivered Complainant went to police.  Investigation revealed the ad was fraudulent.  Bank records for both Complainant and our client were subpoenaed which confirmed the reality of the wire transfer into Tam’s account although she was never aware of the deposit of the funds since Chase froze her account.    Tam was ID’d by Chase via her TDL as the opener and sole owner of the account.  Although Tam has never owned a boat and never posted any items on ebay, she was charged with intentionally and knowingly receiving Complainant’s money with the intent to withhold from him the value of it – the [no-existent] boat.  Bypassing the problem with proving intent. we focused on an identity theft defense providing IRS, E-Trade and Wells Fargo evidence that her ID had already been stolen in the past.  Although we were never able to make the connection between the previous and subject stolen identity incidents our arguments and evidence were sufficient to win a Dismissal.
Theft 29THEFT
Case No. 9910352 – Mark K.
Our client was an ex-convict was charged with entering the home of some associates, taking property, and pawning it. A roommate of the associates led client to believe that he had permission to do this to help pay the associates’ past-due rent. Client did pawn the property and the associates charged him with theft but Mr. Haggard was able to convince the jury of the innocence of our client’s intent.
Case No. 113410 – Berenice G.
[Due to its age, this Case History is no longer archived; our in-house case synopsis and details of our defense are no longer available.]

From my very first contact through the final determination of my case, Mr. Haggard worked extremely hard for me and believed in my innocence.
~ Mark K.

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Case No. 9902475 – Rogelio S.
Our client was accused of stealing money from a waitress’s tray at a bar. It was the waitress’s word against the client’s, an ex-convict. This case proves your record does not necessarily follow you around the rest of your life.

Thanks for working hard to get my case dismissed. You kept me informed about everything and took the time to explain what you were doing for me. Even though I have a criminal record, you treated me with respect and did not just want to cop me out for something I didn’t do.
~ Rogelio S.

theft 16THEFT
Case No. 1119175 – Melissa M.
[Due to its age, this Case History is no longer archived; our in-house case synopsis and details of our defense are no longer available.] The State filed a Motion to revoke our client’s theft probation. We fought the State’s Motion and succeeded in obtaining a denial of it by the judge, allowing our client to continue her probation.
Case No. 9942886 – Kenneth R.
[Due to its age, this Case History is no longer archived; our in-house case synopsis and details of our defense are no longer available.]
THEFTTheft 34
Case No. 1742433- Jessica B.
Jessica was conned into pawning several high-dollar items by an ex- boyfriend who had burglarized a TV, compressor, guns and a safe. He told her he had reformed from his prior life of crime – only he “didn’t have an ID” to pawn these items – which had been “his father had given him”. Her only crime, as stated in testimony to the Court, was in being too trusting. She fully cooperated with police, who had told her she would be free to go after giving her statement (famous last words). She hired us upon being arrested to clear her name and prevent CPS from taking her young child – police had threatened her with referral to CPS as an unfit mother if found guilty. In a seamless story comprised of lack of evidence tying her to the burglary itself, impeachment of the credibility of her boyfriend from his prior record and guilty behavior – (when confronted by Jessica he left and was never heard from again until traced to a jail in New Mexico) and presentation of evidence of Jessica’s character and credibility as seen in her Navy DD 214 “Unsurpassed Performance” rating, we obtained a quick Dismissal.