Case No. 2140333 – Fawntavia S.

DISMISSED May 10 2017

Fawntavia was about to complete her Computer Science degree when charged with a crime. She was called by her mom to go to the scene of a family dispute and showed up with a pair of brass knuckles in her pocket, which police found. We were able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt she had not armed herself in anticipation of a fight andargued she did not even know they were illegal. Now she will be able to graduate and apply for a job with a clean record.

Case No. 1759385 – Geremy B.

DISMISSED by our First Court Appearance while Defendant was on Probation for POM

The first problem in Geremy’s case is that he was profiled by police due to his long hair and black male passenger. (Geremy is white.) After the bogus stop, his vehicle was searched without sufficient probable cause. An illegal knife was found. Part of our defense rested on Geremy’s presumption of the legality of the knife, given that he had purchased it at a retail establishment in a large mall. Mr. Haggard also hammered home a Dismissal, at the same time, of the Motion to Revoke Probation charge which had been filed on Geremy when he got arrested for the knife.

I like the way Mr. Haggard handled himself. AS SOON as he arrived he got straight to business and got things done. The officials in the courtroom knew he was there without him saying anything.
~ Geremy B.

Case No. 1556198- Alex G.


The driver of the vehicle, in which Alex was a passenger, was stopped only because the vehicle matched the description of one police were looking for. We contested the search of Alex’s person – as it was without probable cause – but this search nevertheless did yield an illegal knife. Without wasting any time, we immediately did an undercover investigation of the retail chain which sold it to him and, using the evidence obtained and sworn statement, pointed the prosecution to the retail vendor and away from our client, a college student with no criminal record who had been made the victim of fraudulent retails sales practices.

Thank you Mr. Haggard for your quick actions in this case!
~ Alex G.

Case No. 1511991- Matthew A.


Matt was a businessman who indicated to police his possession of a pocketknife with a 4 inch blade when stopped and questioned. Police and prosecutors maintained it was technically a switchblade due to it’s “assisted open” function, among other parameters. By aggressive and legally-sound argumentation and proofs to the contrary, we obtained a Dismissal just at the point when Matt, not wanting to go to Trial, was on the verge of accepting a Plea Agreement.

Mr. Haggard’s knowledge of the law and his ability to work with the judge and the DA led to getting the charges dismissed. He did not want me to take a plea offer but insisted that we continue the process to get the case dismissed. His assessment was correct.
~ Matthew A.