Our Criminal Defense Case Results

Case No. 1168627 – Omar G.
Immediately after a heated argument, Omar’s in-laws observed him driving off with his wife in his car.  Due to the serious nature of the problems they’d been having, or because they had left their small children abruptly, Complainant’s relatives construed the drama as a forced abduction/kidnapping and called police.  Complainant’s mother then followed them and at a stop light persuaded her daughter to “escape” into her mom’s car – which she did and which only added to the “drama” and the “abduction” spin.  But we carefully reconstructed the flow of events for prosecutors backing up our arguments with eyewitness testimony from Complainant and other relatives to obtain a Dismissal.

Carl Haggard really fought for me. I was facing 15 to life. He hanged tough for me and my family. He got two Felony cases dismissed and two other Felony cases reduced to Misdemeanors with back time pleas. I went home to my family. He’s the greatest I’ve ever seen.  ~Omar G.