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Just a Sample of Our Winning Houston TX Case Results:


Case 2444904 ‐ Myron S.

DISMISSED May 1, 2023

Myron monitors police activities and shares them with other citizens in the exercise of his First Amendment rights. One evening while riding his bike, he stopped to record the scene of an arrest, which he is lawfully allowed to do. The officer asked him to move back several times; Myron complied. He never spoke or interfered in any way but when asked to move back another 50 ft. Myron refused, as it would have defeated the whole purpose to record. When the officer noted Myron had a handgun, exercising his right to openly carry, he called for backup. Using excessive force, they rushed Myron, knocked his phone out of his hand and confiscated his weapon, despite the fact Myron had made no threatening gesture or word. He was cuffed but refused to ID himself to the supervisor, as he had done nothing wrong. HCSO ran ballistics on the gun but we were able to help Myron retrieve it shortly after the arrest. Discovery we obtained revealed the officer had previously been disciplined several times in the past for similar behavior.

We will be assisting Myron in filing IAD complaints on all involved officers and recommending he sue HCSO for putting this officer back on the force without sufficient re-training and for violating his rights.


Case 2413541 ‐ Michael R.

DISMISSED February 28, 2023

Michael was a professional land man and a family man who coached his young son’s baseball team and volunteered at his kids’ school. In Houston on business, he’d had a few drinks when his driver was stopped for suspicion of DWI. He was obviously intimidated and intoxicated, and the arresting officer took advantage of this to treat him inhumanely after Michael got out of his truck to see what was happening with his buddy. When told to get back in the truck he did not comply fast enough for this overzealous officer who then would not allow Michael to comply once he understood the command and tried to. It was further clear, from incriminating statements we discovered on the police videos – the arresting officer was simply vindictively punishing Michael for his own mistakes in unnecessarily escalating this incident. Our analysis of the BWC’s, the law and Michael’s behaviors vs.the officer’s led to a Dismissal after taking an informal online class.


Case 2424827 ‐ James B.

DISMISSED January 22, 2023

James was a hard-working family man who owned his own industrial heat treatment company in the plants. He also believed in defending himself and standing up for his rights against police oppression. He was a passenger in a car stopped for suspicion of DWI when the driver barreled through another DWI / accident scene. The officer used intimidation tactics, asking unrelated questions which James answered for the driver, in an attempt to protect both of their rights. Another officer aggressively rousted him out of the car for answering for the driver and tried to cuff him without warning. When James asked why, the officers did not answer but accelerated their aggression and brutally attacked him to subdue and cuff him. At that point James did resist, with all his strength, when he was carried and put into the police car, including putting his feet on the door frame and kicking the car. The DA’s office initially took Resisting Arrest charges but knew they could not make that case for legal reasons so changed it to Interfering. We analyzed the BWC’s of the several cops on scene to argue James was a victim of police oppression and escalation in being assaulted for answering general questions presumably asked of the driver.


Case 2393178 ‐ Anonymous

DISMISSED July 8, 2022

Client was a licensed attorney who needed this case dismissed to continue to practice law. She got into a dispute at a Speakeasy when a bouncer told her she could go upstairs then right after told her to leave & threw her drink out, saying someone had rented the room. Police were called to escort her out but she refused until her drink was refunded. We obtained a recording of her unfair treatment & subpoenaed club records in an attempt to show she had permission to be there. Mr. Haggard vigorously argued the defenses to obtain a custom agreement for Dismissal with immediate eligibility for Expunction.


Case 2250758 ‐ Elisha R.

DISMISSED June 26, 2019

After already having been called out twice that day, police were called a 3rd time when Elisha’s stepfather, highly intoxicated, began assaulting his mother. Elisha jumped in to defend his mom. Police arrived in time to see Elisha assaulting his stepfather. Officers physically separated the two but Elisha continually ignored commands from the officers to stay back, pushing past them several times to lunge at his stepfather until finally he had to be pepper sprayed. Mr. Haggard used his experience and legal skills to obtain a Dismissal, allowing Elisha to pursue his dream of joining the military.


Case 2229560 ‐ Kevin C.

DISMISSED May 30, 2019

Kevin was a Colombian national here on a DACA work permit and was hoping for a Dismissal for his immigration. Police put their lights on him after he ran a stop sign because running late to his job at the Guatemalan Embassy. Initially he evaded when police put their lights on him then refused to comply with polices’ verbal commands, was verbally abusive and physically resisted being cuffed so that officers had to wrestle him to the ground. At first, we were only able to obtain for Kevin a Pre-Trial Intervention (probation followed by dismissal & expunction) which he unfortunately violated. His was prepared to plead to a deferred probation but Mr. Haggard was ultimately able to obtain a real Dismissal (no pleading guilty, no probation) on lack of Probable Cause, and save his DACA.


Case 2228758 ‐ Barry P.

DISMISSED January 7th, 2019

Barry was at Mo’s Place in Katy with friends. They had all been drinking and when an argument broke out they were asked to leave. Outside, Barry charged one of the two police officers, then put up a fierce struggle to avoid being handcuffed. When backup deputies arrived on scene Barry tried to assault them as well. Even while in transport to the jail he continued to tell deputies he wanted to fight them. Barry’s great job as a lineman working on live wires was at stake. We used our experience in this type of case to win a Dismissal for Barry and save his job.


Case 21796830 ‐ Martin.

DISMISSED June 12, 2018

Martin’s wife was being arrested for DWI when he, also intoxicated, aggressively grabbed her purse out of two arresting officers’ hands on two separate occasions during her arrest. We successfully argued lack of situational awareness due to his impaired state then negotiated for a Dismissal in return for community service. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Martin: he located a boxing gym for kids near his house to do his hours at, decided to enroll his two sons, and reported he began to bond more with them over the activity.

Interfering police offer duties houston

Live video of arresting incident.


Case No. 2095152 ‐ Michael S.


Five people were arrested in Houston and charged with interfering with a police offer’s duties at a family graduation party after a fight broke out in front of the house. While 4 of these people were interfering and assaulting police, Michael was trying to pull them away so police could do their job. Due to the number of combatants and officers the scene was confusing. We used witness affidavits and over 6 videos of witnesses, body cams, and dash cams to carefully reconstruct the incident and argue to prosecutors that the arresting officer had his back turned during the main part of Michael’s involvement and misconstrued his actions of trying to help for interfering. We successfully got Michael’s charges dismissed.


Case 2066661 ‐ Christopher M.


Chris had been to Texas Department of Corrections for Assault on a Police Officer so we had to get this dismissed ‐ a trial would have been a big risk. Chris was at his company Christmas party at a restaurant in Houston when a fight broke out between his boss and someone else. Chris got in between them trying to break up the fight. A uniformed Harris County Sheriff deputy was on duty and appeared on the scene quickly. He stated Chris pushed him out of the way and that he then told Chris if he did that again he would be tasered. Chris allegedly body slammed the officer and then balled his fist and flexed his arm as if to throw a punch. Chris had to be tasered 2 full cycles before becoming compliant. The evidence appeared to be against us but we subpoenaed the surveillance video (which was inconclusive) and then argued the case forcefully using our several witnesses and Affidavits, resulting in the interfering with duties of police officer charge being dismissed.


Case No. 1944434 ‐ Mohamad B.


This was a case of an innocent client ‐ a US citizen and Houston business owner, and a vindictive, racist police officer with an attitude. A customer was test driving a car from our client’s car dealership when it ran out of gas. Client immediately sent 2 employees for the car. When they arrived it was in the process of being towed but the driver refused to lower it without $145 cash. Client arrived and offered to pay with a company check but the tow driver refused. So client agreed to cash if given a receipt – but the driver refused and became agitated. Client felt he must be making an illegal tow and continued to press for a proper receipt. A Houston police officer arrived who knew nothing of the background but took the tow driver’s side and authorized him to proceed with the tow. Client asked to be allowed to pay the cash and take the car. The officer refused either from prejudice or from failing to take the time to inform himself of the background. Client said he was going to make a complaint to the officer’s captain and then asked the tow driver for the name of the storage lot his car was being towed to. The employee witnesses testified there was no physical contact. But the officer lied and arrested client, “for pushing the wrecker driver.” Then he said sarcastically and with racial slurs, “And now you can call my supervisor and complain.” His report contained several other lies. It took 2 hours after client was in jail for the DA’s office and police to decide on what to charge him with. This paperwork intensive case was prepared for Trial using tow ordinances and laws, tow and vehicle paperwork, tow company owner/experts, client’s 2 employee witnesses and – our well-argued position that client never interfered with the officer’s duties in the 1st place ‐ the TRUTH. The interferring with police officer duties charges were dismissed on the eve of Trial.


Case No. 1941932 ‐ Justin H.


Justin was a passenger when his fiance lost control of the car and crashed into the corner of a house.  Justin and the homeowner were both intoxicated and they got into it several times, requiring additional police units to be called to the scene and making the officer interrupt his investigation several times to stop the escalation.  Once arrested Justin further worsened his odds by spitting on the window of the police car and kicking at the door but we were still able to argue for a Dismissal on this case.


Case No. [Expunged by Mr. Haggard] ‐ Tammy S.


Our client was accused of a type of resisting arrest. A private guard/eyewitness testified on behalf of our client and Mr. Haggard was able to convince the jury that she had not interfered.

Mr. Haggard was aggressive and never let his guard down. He fought hard for me and was great at presenting my case. He allowed me to make all my decisions and offered me options. The Jury liked his presentation.
~ Tammy S.


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