It is a criminal offense in Texas to interfere with an emergency call. Often this offense is charged in alleged domestic dispute cases but is also charged in vehicle accident cases and many other situations.

According to Penal Code § 42.062 – interfering with an emergency call can be charged if a person knowingly interferes or prevents someone’s ability to make an emergency call or interferes with a request for emergency assistance. One need not physically interfere during an actual call to receive this charge — any activity that renders a phone unusable for a person who would make an emergency call can result in this charge.

While usually a Class A misdemeanor, this offense is taken very seriously by Harris County courts. If a person has a prior conviction for interference, the misdemeanor can be escalated to an even more serious offense. However, even for the misdemeanor offense a person can potentially serve up to a year in jail and up to a $4000 fine – and including losing one’s right to own a firearm.

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