Insurance Fraud

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Case No. 10CR1639 [Galveston County] – Chad G.


Chad was a doctor whose medical license was on the line when he was charged with insurance fraud. We obtained an unbelievable result for Dr. G. in light of the evidence against him: video surveillance showing him furtively looking around to make sure no one was looking, then carefully lying down to simulate a slip and fall in the pool area of his yacht club. It was alleged he made a fraudulent insurance claim to the yacht club’s insurance company in order to receive free treatment for a pre-existing back injury. We fought this case on several fronts but argued that ultimately an unaddressed problem with alcohol and stress was behind his bizarre behavior; after sailing that day he was, as usual, intoxicated and did something he would normally have done. We got him into alcohol treatment and psychological counseling for PTSD and used corroborating testimony from his treating professionals. This was then supported by impressive character and reference letters from well-placed friends and employees in his medical practice to prove that this was outside of his customary character. Finally, and most importantly, with a fine-toothed comb we perused the related case documents, facts, evidence, and statutes and sufficiently proved to the Prosecutors that, based upon the statutes and the facts, the case was more properly False Report. This was a victory for our doctor client as his license would have been imperiled with any type of Felony charge on his record.

Mr. Haggard and his staff took my case for Felony Insurance Fraud and produced such a favorable outcome that I would recommend him to my closest friends and family. Without Mr. Haggard I would have lost my practice and my livelihood.
~ Chad G.

false statement credit 2MOTION TO ADJUDICATE GUILT ON
Case No. 958059 – John B.


At the time of his arrest on the above Forgery charge, our client was on probation for insurance fraud. When he was charged in the above Forgery case, the State moved to revoke his probation. Haggard Law Firm was able to reinstate his insurance fraud probation after getting the underlying forgery case dismissed.