Injury to Disabled PersonINJURY TO DISABLED PERSON
Case No. 1094304 – Stacey G.


Stacey had a prior record of probation for Injury to Child. Her own daughter was the disabled person, taken to the hospital for a seizure, after which she died. After doctors informed police Stacey’s daughter had not died of natural causes, police questioned her extensively and detained her at the hospital while they searched her home in spite of her refusal to give written consent. CPS got involved, taking our client’s four other children for investigation. Mr. Haggard obtained and evaluated the evidence of injury, which included the Medical Examiner’s autopsy report and medical records from five treating physicians, as well as school records, and prepared an extensive Brief for the Grand Jury. He then made the critical decision to allow Stacey to testify before the Grand Jury after carefully and thoroughly preparing her for this difficult testimony.