If you have been charged with Indecent Exposure, or other sex crimes, in Houston, Texas, Harris County, or surrounding areas, contact veteran defense attorney Carl Haggard. Carl has over 30 years defending against sex crimes in Houston and winning. Carl will fight for you! See below for a sample of recent legal victories and call or email today for a free confidential consultation.


Case No. 01-18-00538-CR – Ricardo R.

Reversed by Court of Appeals & Found Not Guilty October 8, 2019

Ricardo was using the bathroom in Memorial Park when falsely accused of indecent exposure. No reasonable judge would have found him guilty under the facts as presented and argued by the trial court attorney Carl Haggard. The judge was unfortunately not reasonable and found Ricardo Guilty. Client appealed the case & Mr. Haggard’s original arguments found to be meritorious: the case was overturned on appeal, reversed and rendered by the court of appeals – Not Guilty


Case No. 2053323 – Darrel W.

DISMISSED December 22

Darrel was happily married with 5 children but during a bad time in his life, after getting laid off, he went to an adult book store, which he had never done before and greatly regrets. He did not expose himself but was accused of doing so and was arrested for indecent exposure. He hired us to substitute in for another attorney who was not fighting for him. We contested the case and due to Mr. Haggard’s forceful argumentation and creative negotiation skills we were able to get it dismissed.


Case No. 1474752 – Daniel M.


Dan had a prior probation for indecent exposure. Dan’s professional plans could not support a second offense of the same type so we tried the case. Through skillful argumentation and cross-examination Carl Haggard was able to prove the inconsistencies in Complainant’s testimony.

Just before receiving my doctoral degree, I was wrongfully accused of Indecent Exposure. Mr. Haggard’s prior experience as a Chief Prosecutor and many years experience as a defense attorney proved invaluable to getting my “Not Guilty” verdict. The energy and determination he exhibited in the courtroom against an aggressive prosecution were instrumental to the successful outcome of the case. His final arguments in the case were electrifying and clearly brought out the important points leaving the jury no choice but to return a “Not Guilty” verdict.

Carl was exactly what we needed for my husband’s case. He is professional & very knowledgeable about the law but more importantly he understood our emotions and helped calm our fears. Regarding the actual trial, Mr. Haggard helped us prepare by explaining what to expect. Not knowing is often more fear-provoking than anything – Carl told us at each step in the process what would happen and he counseled us on how to respond. I have no doubt that Carl Haggard won our case because of his years of experience in the DA’s office especially as Chief Prosecutor.


Case No. 1554521- Robert E.


Robert was walking in public and, although not indecent according to the the letter of the statute, was told by a police officer to put on more clothing, which he did. A second officer, overstepping his authority and the bounds of the law, then arrested Robert for indecent exposure in violation of his rights saying, “I don’t know if what you’re doing is illegal – but let’s find out.” He managed to get charges filed but Mr. Haggard, always zealous to defend against unconstitutional prosecution, prevailed in the courtroom.

Mr. Haggard went above and beyond in his hard work. He got my indecent exposure case dismissed despite repeated delays. His ability is without peer. His experience with my kind of case proved invaluable.
~ Robert E.


Case No. 9825271 – Matthew M.


Our client was accused of indecent exposure to an off-duty Houston Police Department robbery detective. Mr. Haggard utilized the services of his investigator/expert to impeach the testimony of the arresting officer.

Mr. Haggard was more nervous than I was during the final deliberation because he cared.
~ Matthew M.

Dear Mr. Haggard and Staff: We would like to sincerely thank you for the great outcome of Matt’s case. It was such an unpleasant situation, but the final result made the insult, inconvenience and expense pale in comparison. Mr. Haggard, you are such a good attorney! We have such admiration and respect for your professionalism and skill (what great cross-examination!!) You are so thorough & tenacious and as we remember watching you FIGHT for Matt it is apparent why you have the successful record you have.
~ Client’s Mother


Case No. 9826338 – Alfred L.


Client was accused of Indecent Exposure, in particular exposing himself in front of a female high school student across from a school.

Mr. Haggard got the investigator to gather information, prepared me well for testifying, coordinated a lot of character witnesses, and had total great preparation. Mr. Haggard was tremendous in trial and the Jury appeared to like him because he moved the case along fast to show I was innocent. The Jury came back very quickly in my favor. I thank Mr. Haggard for clearing my name and giving me my life back.
~ Alfred L.


Case No. 9538867 – Joseph R.


After a contested hearing Mr. Haggard obtained a Dismissal of the Indecent Exposure charge and our client was able to remain on probation and return to his home state to finish it.

If it were not for Mr. Haggard, I would be in prison. He arranged it so I could leave Texas and not be in prison 10 years. I am convinced Mr.Haggard SAVED MY LIFE!
~ Joseph R.