Felony Possession of Prohibited Weapon

Our Criminal Defense Case Results

Case No. 1126163 – Joshua M.


This case involved an investigation by the Fire Marshal after our client and his co-defendant made a pipe-bomb type explosive. The co-defendant was injured at the remote location where they had gone to detonate the explosive and had to call an ambulance, which led to the police getting involved and Fire Marshal’s investigation. Mr. Haggard fought the charge aggressively and obtained a Dismissal prior to Trial.

*Case Referred by NRA*

Case No. 1113738 – Juan V.


Our client had another attorney with whom he was not satisfied; the NRA referred him to Mr. Haggard. Juan was stopped on the way to the range to test-fire his AK 47 pistol, which he had bought in pieces and assembled. The gun was on the floor, not in arm’s reach, unloaded, with the chamber empty. Firearms officers maintained the gun was an SKS, not an AK-47. Using his expertise and knowledge of weapons and firearms law, Mr. Haggard was able to obtain a Dismissal: The barrel was 10 inches long so it was not a rifle, the AK-47 was registered as a pistol, has no way to attach a buttstock and no vertical foregrip, it’s not a machine gun but rather a semi-automatic, etc., and further met all the compliancies for pistols. A phone call to Carter’s Country regarding their policy on AK-47’s confirmed all of this as well.

I was referred to Mr. Haggard by the NRA. Mr. Haggard presented overwhelming evidence in my favor and my case did not go to Trial. I am very pleased with the outcome and the professionalism provided to me by Mr. Haggard.
~ Juan V.