If you are charged with Felony Employee Theft in Houston, Harris County, or surrounding areas, contact Carl Haggard for a FREE confidential consultation about your case. Carl has over 30 years of experience fighting for the people of Houston against theft charges. Carl has a verifiable winning record and is ready to fight for you. See a sample of winning case results below.


Case No. 1394320 – Jamarcus P.


Jamarcus was working as a cashier at Walmart when a fast-talking & persuasive customer took advantage of his youth & lack of training & experience in a complex check-out scheme to get away with $3500 in pre-paid debit cards. She pretended to swipe a Walmart Money Card but when the transaction stalled & Jamarcus called for a manager, she convinced him not to, lying that she was a night employee & could direct him in how to complete the transactions. Jamarcus, a high-ranking college student with a bright future ahead of him, and having a great deal of integrity as well – unwittingly hurt his case when he signed a confession accepting responsibility for the lost funds. We argued that he was not admitting to complicity in the theft but wanting to pay back Walmart for their loss since he felt responsible for it. Through careful reconstruction of the incident using the surveillance video, the subsequent interrogation with Loss Prevention, and impressive character evidence that we compiled, we presented for the Grand Jurors the weighty exculpatory evidence. The final nail in this coffin of Jamarcus’ conviction was testimony from a former Visa Fraud Investigator for Walmarts’ Woodforest Bank – to the effect that Walmart doesn’t take responsibility for their lack of employee training in fraud detection or for real-time fraud on their terminals.

“I was falsely accused of being part of a theft scheme by a big-name company for ONE accident while at work. When I offered to make up for the mistake, they took it as a sign of guilt; I was fired & charged with Felony Theft. Mr. Haggard heard my truth when no one else was willing to, and he was able to get the Prosecution to hear me out as well. Because of Mr. Haggard’s diligence, my case was declared a No Bill. I thank him for bringing out the truth.
~ Jamarcus P.


Case No. 1064169 – Gwendolyn B.


Gwen was a salesperson for a medical services company with permission to purchase supplies as needed, online, using a corporate account. After several high-ticket items, such a plasma TV, were delivered to her home, she was arrested.Mr. Haggard exploited the lack of conclusive evidence and the internal chaos in the company, which was undergoing a hostile takeover by one of the partners, to obtain a Dismissal.


Case No. 1194583 – Wayne H.


Wayne was working as a security officer for a major international shipping company at Bush Airport when he was falsely charged and maliciously prosecuted for the theft of several laptop computers. The evidence didn’t add up but the State was so confident in its case they were ready to try it to a Jury before HLF convinced them of the holes in their evidence and – more importantly – that he would be able to show a Jury how Wayne’s rights were violated and how the evidence was problematic. Wayne now has a good civil suit against his former employer for wrongful termination and slander.