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The Haggard Law Firm has a verifiable winning track record for our clients regarding DWI felony charges. See below for a sample of our latest victories.

Driving While Intoxicated Houston Case Results

Case No. 17-DCR-770628 – Ryan M.


Ryan was a server at a restaurant that also served alcohol. After a few drinks he was stopped for speeding and failed the FST for all clues. We decided to try the case to the judge on a plea of guilty since the DA’s wanted him to serve prison time due to his prior manslaughter conviction. We won a probation due to our thorough preparation of all aspects of the case and Mr. Haggard’s careful coaching of Ryan on what to say and how to act during the trial.

My future was looking very bad after I had gotten my second felony DWI only weeks after getting off probation for my first one. The DA was fighting hard to have me serve prison time. Against all odds Mr. Haggard was able to get me off on probation. Because of him I have a second chance at life. On top of that Carl Haggard was very professional and very kind. I would recommend the Haggard Law Firm to anyone looking for an awesome attorney.

Case No. 1403408 – Greg H.


After celebrating his wife’s birthday over dinner and drinks, Greg was driving through an intersection when Complainant, at an estimated 65 mph, t-boned him. Complainant was hospitalized with serious injuries and several broken bones. Greg’s blood alcohol level was a .24 – 3 times over the legal limit.

We used an accident reconstruction expert to prove fault in the accident could not be determined with any certitude as Houston Police Department did not take photos or measurements at the scene and there were no cameras at the intersection to prove who ran the red light. We litigated this case for over 2 years including many Motion Hearings on medical records and on blood draw and other legal issues. A few days before Jury Trial we won a reduction to a simple first offense driving while intoxicated: no jail, no license suspension, and got the Intoxication Assault charge dismissed after convincing State they would not be able to prove at trial Greg had caused the accident. Greg is now able to continue in his profession in the insurance industry.

I thank Mr. Haggard and staff for successfully defending my case and with a personal touch. I was impressed that I always met with Mr. Haggard and never an assistant or associate. He was always up on the smallest details of my case even though it had been pending for over 2 years. His knowledge of DWI blood draw protocols and the evidence issues in proving fault in the accident is why we won.
– Greg H

Case No. 1056484 – Ronnely H.


Our client had a lot at stake in this felony Driving While Intoxicatedhe was the holder of a CDL license when stopped for reckless driving and subsequently charged with a DWI felony. Had he been convicted, he would have lost his ability to make a living. He hired Carl Haggard for his experience and proven track record and his charges were dismissed.

Case No. 804865 – Joe S.


I was at a serious time in my life when all seemed hopeless. Mr. Haggard fought for what was right and never gave up! He had the utmost faith in the truth of my case and it was dismissed. It allows me to move forward in life.
~Joe S.

Case No. 867342 – Harris M.