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Felony Drug Possession Houston Texas

We Fight Drug Charges!

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If you or a loved one are facing felony possession, felony drug trafficking, intent to distribute, or related charges in Houston Texas – you need an experienced criminal defense attorney that is going to fight as hard as possible for your innocence.

Carl Haggard has been defending the people of Houston against drug charges for over 3 decades. Carl is an Ex-Chief District Prosecutor – his past experience as a prosecutor gives him unique insight into how to defend against drug offenses. Over the years he has helped hundreds of people who have been charged with drugs and he is ready to go 100% in and fight to give you the best defense possible against your charges.

If charged – or even under investigation – DO NOT SAY ANYTHING – you must identify yourself but do not explain yourself, do not provide a story – SAY NOTHING until you have acquired representation. If you are under suspicion for a drug felony the job of the police is to collect evidence against you. Do not give them anything that can be used against you!

Call (832) 328-0600 or Email us and we will give you a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION on your charges.

Felony Drug Possession Lawyer