Federal Drug trafficking [covered under U.S. Code Title 21 Chapter 13] is a serious offense that requires an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. Drug trafficking consists of manufacturing, transporting, selling, or distributing illegal substances. However, one essential difference between drug trafficking and “drug dealing” consists in the amount of the substance in question. While this differences related to the drug, within certain amounts the buying, selling, etc. of any illegal substance can turn into a drug trafficking offense.

To be convicted of federal drug trafficking it must be proved that one did in fact have the amount of the substance required by the law and that the possession was intentional, i.e. that one knows about the drugs.

To be charged with drug trafficking it need not be the case that one made the drugs, sold them, or even transported the drugs – only that one allegedly had the drugs in one’s possession and the amount meets the criteria for a drug trafficking charge.

What essentially distinguishes federal drug trafficking charges from state-level charges is that federal cases typically involve activity [not necessarily actual transport of the drugs] across state lines or when the alleged activity involves multiple states.

Drug trafficking penalties can be very harsh – including:

  • Long prison sentences
  • Large fines [see DEA Penalties].
  • Long probation
  • Negative life-changes consequences, including loss of employment opportunitites, housing, and more.

Prison sentences can exceed decades and fines can be in excess of millions of dollars. In worst case scenarios federal drug trafficking convictions can result in mandatory minimum sentences.

In light of the potential consequences of a drug trafficking conviction, if you are being investigated or have been charged with federal drug trafficking in Houston, do not talk to anyone (law enforcement, prosecutors, etc.) – contact Carl D. Haggard by email or call 832.328.0600 for a free confidential consultation about your case. Carl is an experienced federal criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of verifiable winning experience. When you talk to Carl he will immediately go to work fighting for you.

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