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Being charged with a federal crime or being investigated by a federal agency is a serious and stressful thing. You need serious representation and a serious, tough lawyer. Carl D. Haggard has a sterling reputation for standing up for his clients and will bring over four decades of experience to the fight.


The United States Federal Trial Courts are called “District Courts”. Carl D. Haggard and The Haggard Law Firm want you to understand “The System” and will help you through the process. There is also much information to be found on the Internet and one of the best places to start is the United States Courts website.



When you retain Carl D. Haggard and The Haggard Law Firm to represent you on a criminal charge in a particular United States District Court outside of Texas, Carl Haggard will gain admission under the Local Rules if he is not already admitted to practice before that particular United States District Court.   He also contacts the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) in Charge of your case or, if no formal charges have been brought yet, the Chief Investigator of the department of the federal agency in charge of conducting the investigation. See our page about Investigations involving federal agencies.

Outside of Texas Federal District Courts, Carl Haggard is available for Admission in all United States Federal District Courts and U.S. Territories. Admission to practice by Mr. Haggard for federal cases outside of Texas and in other jurisdictions is permitted under “Federal Local Rules” of the various Federal District Courts, which are the basic Federal Trial Courts.   In many jurisdictions, the Federal Local Rules require for a variety of reasons that a “Local Counsel” be associated with the case to be “Second Chair” in the event of, for instance, an Emergency Hearing or a Chambers Conference on short notice.   Mr. Haggard carefully selects “Local Counsel” in those cases where “Local Counsel” is required.

At all critical stages, however, Carl Haggard is your “Lead Counsel” and is the proverbial “Tip of the Spear” in representing you or your family member or your business.