Our Criminal Defense Case Results

Case No. 1360737 – Timothy E.
DISMISSED October 18, 2012
Timothy was accused of lying on a title loan application at The Cash Store that the vehicle in question, an F-150 pickup, had no other liens or encumbrances.  He exited the store with over $5000 in cash.  Including interest he caused a loss of over $6500 to the company.  When Complainant later attempted to place a lien on Timothy’s truck they discovered a preexisting lien.  They contacted Timothy to provide a lien release but he refused to return their calls. A Grand Jury subpoena revealed prior loan documents signed by Timothy at The Loan Depot on the same truck.  Timothy owned 2 Ford F-150 pickups and it is possible he made a mistake on the application.  We were able to argue this case to a Dismissal.