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Houston Failure to Stop Case Results


Case No. 2407452 – Andrew P.

DISMISSED January 25, 2023

Drew hit the same car twice – after he rear-ended it he pulled around & hit the side of it & took off the side mirror. He panicked & did not stop but was later found by police some distance away. He had not been drinking but did have a prior record for DWI. The car he hit had 6 passengers & all were treated for herniated disks & knee injuries. As a refinery mechanic he needed to be able to pass frequent background checks & to travel out of state. To keep his job & his TWIC card he needed a Dismissal so he hired Haggard Law based on our proven track record & experience with this type of case.


Case No. – 2370164 – Larry M.

DISMISSED February 15, 2022

Larry was a high school teacher with 3 prior DWI’s when he hit someone while pulling out of a bar, spun out, & landed in a ditch.  A witness told police Larry was intoxicated & gave police video of Larry refusing to give Complainant his insurance & walking back inside the bar before walking home. This case was complicated by Larry’s statement that he was on several medications for depression & anxiety known to interact with alcohol.  Larry’s primary concern was to save his teaching career – & for that a Dismissal was necessary; to get the position he had to go through extensive Board reviews due to his prior DWI’s so there would be no 2nd chance.  Although the Complainant required medical treatment  & Larry’s insurance paid out $40,000 in property damage claims alone, Mr. Haggard was able to obtain a Dismissal by arguing & fighting the case mainly on Larry’s medical condition after the impact, using testimony from his wife, & that he appeared to have a concussion & did not remember hitting anyone.


Adedapo A.

Dismissed October 1, 2021

Adedapo told us confidentially he was coming from watching a boxing match & had a few drinks & did not stop after sideswiping another vehicle for that reason. Complainant provided the police with videos which showed Ade swerving, his face & license plate, & him cutting off several cars after speeding off. Ade denied drinking that night but was not believed due to his 2 prior DWI’s. Damage was consistent with Complainant’s report. Ade paid out of pocket to repair the damage to his own car before he was found & arrested, making it look as if he was trying to hide the accident. Despite all the negative factors in this case Mr. Haggard was able to fight it aggressively & obtain a Dismissal for our client.


Case No. 2356137 – May-Ling J.

Dismissed October 14, 2021

May-Ling had just started on new anti-depressants & sleep medication when she knocked down a CenterPoint light pole. While backing up to drive off she hit another driver who had pulled up behind her to see if she was ok. Complicating the case & adding weight to a criminal motive for leaving the scene, she had no insurance. May-Ling was a recently divorced single mother & was unaware her husband had removed her from the policy. We overcame this by documenting with insurance records her good faith belief that she was still covered. Part of our strategy was to argue she was confused & disoriented by the 2 impacts & was not aware of what had happened due to her medication. We combined this with prescription receipts & psychiatric medical records. Mr. Haggard, knowledgeable in how to beat this kind of case, & further advised our client how to handle CenterPoint, the other party, & her own driving situation to best position us for a Dismissal.


“I felt like my case was so complicated and I had so many worries about what could happen. Mr. Haggard is the only attorney I’ve ever had that took the time to reach out to me and explain what I didn’t understand each time I expressed that I was anxious. He is very knowledgeable and I was able to trust him based on that and his genuine desire to help defend my case. What seemed overwhelming to me, was wrapped up and dismissed the morning of my court date! I was free to leave and can’t thank him enough for the relieve to carry on with my already full life. Thank you so much Mr. Haggard!”


Case No. – HCSO Investigation # 1903-07102 – Andrew M.

Date of meeting & decision not to file criminal charges: October 9, 2019

Andrew hit an electrical box behind a shopping center, knocking out power to the business and causing extensive damage to his truck. Cameras captured him getting out, viewing the damage and driving away. His insurance had skyrocketed after a serious accident a few years earlier so he did not report it and his father paid for the truck repairs. A few days later he received a letter from an HCSO Accident Investigator to come give a statement and show the truck to prevent further action. Andrew’s father hired Mr. Haggard to accompany them and advise during the interview. Mr. Haggard met with the clients and worked up the case, prepared the defenses then met them at Vehicular Crimes. Based on his years of experience, he decided to have Andrew and his father wait outside while he handled the statement with the investigator who as a result decided not to pursue criminal charges.


Case No. 2216403 – Shannon H.

Dismissed May 15, 2019

Shannon hit 2 parked cars in her complex and did not stop because she was disoriented, had been drinking, and was on meds for bipolar and anxiety. When confronted by police at her apartment she seemed confused and admitted to hitting something but was not sure what. She also admitted her medications had affected her driving and court documents allege “she may have been high”. Shannon hired us to substitute in for the court-appointed attorney and to try to keep her out of jail. We knew what to do to get the case dismissed which included, in part, using her mental health issues, which we documented for the Court.


Case No. 2179640 – Alexander R.

Dismissed March 28, 2018

Alexander rear-ended someone while driving his work truck on the freeway in rush hour traffic. They both got out and agreed to exit but Alexander sped up and kept going for about 10 more miles before being stopped. He told police the man he hit was being aggressive but he told us he just did not want to lose his good job of 10 years as a construction site manager. We used our experience to skillfully handle the case and get it dismissed and Alexander was able to keep his job.


Case No. 2182513 – Wycliff F.

Dismissed February 26, 2018

Wycliff was a Registered Nurse who had to get this case dismissed to save his nursing license. After he allegedly struck a car on the tollway the driver followed him and tried to get him to pull over. Wycliff told police he had not felt safe to pull over and further – denied making any contact with the other vehicle – although paint transfer matched and the damage was over $1000. But the biggest obstacle we faced was his motive to flee the scene – his insurance was expired – one of the top 2 reasons people don’t stop after an accident. Despite these hurdles Mr. Haggard knew how to argue and present the case to obtain a Dismissal and was able to save our client’s nursing license.

Failure to Stop and Give Information AttorneyFAILURE TO STOP AND GIVE INFORMATION

Case No. 2175152 – Mandana P.

Dismissed January 31th 2018

Mandana’s baby needed pedialyte late one night. Returning home, she swerved to avoid an oncoming car drifting into her lane and hit a parked car. Feeling it was unsafe to get out, she continued home. A witness saw everything. The police wrote she admitted her intent was to wait until morning [against the law] to leave her information. We disputed this, using other case facts, her fear of stopping at night, and her credibility and knowledge of the law from her degree in Criminal Justice to gain a dismissal of her charges.


Case No. 2166109 – Sara C.

Dismissed January 19th 2018

Sara had a few beers at an Astros game with friends. Back home she made a fast food run & on her way back turned wide when she leaned over to pick up a fallen bag of food, which caused her to crash into a city light pole. The airbags deployed and, stunned, she walked the short distance home to call, forgetting her cell phone was in the car. When she opened the door to police she was still covered in white airbag powder but denied being in an accident and stated her car was in its parking spot. Later she admitted to everything as well as to having had a few beers at the game. Sara really needed a Dismissal as she was only one exam away from her CPA certification. Due to our knowledgeable handling of FSGI’s with these circumstances we were able to get that for her.


Case No. 16-CCR-190244 – Ross S.

Dismissed July 18th 2017

Ross hit a bicyclist while making a legal turn. The cyclist suffered personal injuries and his bike and bike’s computer were damaged; he also told police he had to roll out of the way quickly to avoid having his arm run over. First we prevented the charge from being enhanced to a felony of Failure to Stop & Render Aid. Then we beat the misdemeanor by proving Ross had no knowledge of any impact: We used the evidence left on Ross’s SUV, his actions after the incident, statements made by Complainant at the scene and no hard braking at the time of the incident as proven by computerized records from Ross’s car and by arguing it was Complainant’s responsibility to yield the right of way to Ross – which he failed to do.


Case No. 2139248 – Emily D.

Dismissed May 10th 2017

Emily rear ended someone late at night after getting lost on her way home from her job as a waitress at an ice house. She got scared when the man she hit honked and flashed his lights and so she kept driving. We successfully argued she did not stop due to anxiety for her safety as well as the fact her insurance co. had paid for his damages.


Case No. 2105166 – Michael B.

Dismissed Oct. 25th

Michael had 2 prior DWI’s and a PI when he was in a freeway accident and drove 8 miles before being stopped for doing 85 in a 60. He 1st told police he didn’t stop because he was unaware he had hit anyone then admitted & said he didn’t stop because afraid of racially motivated road rage – the other party was pursuing him angrily, was a lot bigger than he was, and Michael feared he had a gun. He also said he “didn’t know what to do” – although police pulled up a prior accident of on his driving record to prove he knew reporting laws. We began by contesting the repairs to the other vehicle through Michael’s insurance and some of Michael’s property damage as old and we ended by obtaining a Dismissal due to our skill and experience with this type of charge.


Case No. 20590921 – Elena B.

Dismissed Jan. 13th

Elena rear-ended an off-duty police officer when returning home late from a bar. When he reached in the open window and aggressively tried to take the keys she fought him then fled the scene. Elena was charged with Failure to Stop and Give Information in Houston. We used multiple defenses to win this including her fear, her failure to understand (she speaks only Russian), cell phone records and police errors in handling the aftermath of the incident.


Case No. None – 2025568 – John D.


John was driving on the ship channel bridge in a heavy rainstorm when he rear-ended another vehicle causing major damage to both vehicles. For safety he exited the bridge to find a safe place to pull over. Complainant claimed he pulled in next to her at a gas station she had pulled in to, cursed at her, and drove off where he was found by police, disabled and lights off, several blocks away. We were set for Trial Motions but won a Dismissal for his failure to stop and give information charge based on GPS and cell phone records, photos and other evidence.


Case No. None – Case Closed Prior to Filing of Charges – Sathish S.

Investigation Closed – No Charges Filed – March 31, 2015

Sathish was leaving a crowded chaotic parking lot after huge event. He hit a car and got out to inspect, but as he saw no obvious damages and the car was unoccupied he left. A witness got his license plate number. Sathish called our office and was contacted by an investigator for a statement, saying the Complainant’s car had been damaged. He needed us to prevent failure to stop and give information charges from being filed on him as he was a professional engineer and was also in the process of applying for citizenship. We met with Sathish to go over all pertinent details, work up the case, and advise him. Then we prepared our defense documents. Mr. Haggard met with the investigator and was able to get the Failure to Stop and Give Information investigation closed prior to the filing of charges.


Case No. 14-CCR-175737–Fort Bend – Darleen P.


In an accident which she later tried to minimize to police as a “tap”, Darleen struck a parked car in a parking garage hard enough to set off its alarm, causing several hundred dollars in damage. The property manager observed that she did not try to either locate the owner or leave a written notice as required by Texas Transportation Code §550.024, but drove off. Our efficient work preparing outside of court and good arguments in court led to a first setting Dismissal for Darleen’s Failure to Stop and Give Information charge.


Case No. 1920695 – Anthony F.


Anthony was a professional analyst with no criminal history at the time he was rear-ended by Complainant. He did stop but did not give her his insurance information, as he suspected a scam based on the aggressive way she was acting, how the accident happened and that she was not hurt at all but claimed injuries. She snapped a photo of his license plate as he drove away and he was later arrested for failure to stop and give information. We successfully argued his fears of being scammed and that his main concern at the scene was to protect himself, not to hide lack of valid insurance, which he did have.


Case No. 1919473 – Gilbert L.


Our client left the scene of a minor parking lot accident thinking he had not made contact with the Complainant’s vehicle. We had a difficult time making this seem plausible, as she told police she was yelling and screaming at him to stop. She also told police his passenger threatened her with a gun as Gilbert sped off. A search ensued and failure to stop and give information charges were filed. Despite the serious weapon allegations and irate stance of Complainant, we were able to negotiate a peaceful Dismissal after Gilbert agreed to replace the rims on her vehicle.


Case No. 1906222 – J. Wang


Junzheng was driving his personal vehicle making a meal delivery for the restaurant he worked for when he hit a parked but occupied vehicle. Junzheng was in a hurry to make the rest of his deliveries and did not stop. He was charged with failure to stop and give information. Our legal defense team argued that the impact felt so light to him he assumed there was no damage and that he planned to return after completing his deliveries. An excellent character letter from his employer as to his conscientiousness helped his credibility in this regard. Several factors complicated things – the damage was almost $1500, his insurance refused to pay the claim as he was driving his car for work, and Junzheng was not a legal resident. Haggard Law Firm diligently worked this case to obtain a Dismissal for Junzheng’s failure to stop and give information charges.

Carl Haggard is the greatest attorney that I have ever seen. He got my failure to stop and give information case dismissed which is the best outcome and I have never expected. I’m very much satisfied and I made a right decision to choose him as my attorney.
~J. Wang


Case No. 1672753 – Joyce H.


This was a high speed chase with lights and sirens resulting in an accident with an unrelated vehicle in the middle of the chase which continued after the accident. (A related case of Evading Arrest in a Motor Vehicle was filed which we got No-Billed by the Grand Jury.) Joyce had taken her daughter to re-enroll in high school after the Dismissal of two related CPS cases of child abuse and runaway. While the ISD police officer was investigating the allegations that the cases had not been dismissed, Joyce nervously made for the door of the school with her daughter in tow. The officer physically detained Joyce, who pushed the officer and shouted “Run!” to her daughter. The daughter ran and Joyce followed in her vehicle despite the officer’s cries to stop. Joyce picked up her daughter, on foot, disregarding police lights and sirens, drove on the median, ran a stop sign, ran a red light, hit a vehicle in the intersection, spun out of control and then kept going until the officer lost sight of her. (Another officer found her.) Joyce had a lengthy criminal history and at the time this failure to stop and give information charge was filed on her she was paroled out of TDC on felony drug charges. We prepared our evidence and defenses, aggressively argued the case with the DA’s and finally were able to get the case and our client before the Grand Jury.

I put my faith in Mr. Haggard and God and neither let me down. Mr. Haggard gave me excellent advice the whole way through and I don’t think I would be at home with my family without Mr. Haggard. He’s an excellent attorney and he will fight for you until the end.
~ Joyce H.


Case No. 1570779 David M.


After an argument with his wife, David left very upset and hit a car while backing up. Due to the rush of adrenaline he didn’t notice the impact but pulled over when he heard a scraping noise which turned out to be the bumper of the small SUV which was stuck to his truck. David was charged with failure to stop and give information. Although the arresting officer was incredulous that he didn’t feel the impact, we maintained that given his heightened emotional state and the fact that the impact happened on the right rear of the truck it was possible not to perceive the impact.


Case No. 1564858 – Zaigham U.


Zaigham walked away from a serious accident in which his engine was mangled and in danger of explosion. He was so disoriented he walked away from the scene and got lost resulting in him being charged in Houston with Failure to Stop and Give Information. No other vehicle was involved nor was there intent to defraud the county of restitution for damages. His leaving the scene was motivated primarily by concern for his own safety as well as due to his disorientation after the impact.


Case No. 1522329 – Matthew M.


Matthew was driving his father’s 2006 Mustang in the rain when he lost control of the car and damaged a large section of a brick wall. Fortunately he was not injured but as his parents were out of the country and he was afraid, he left the scene and did not report the damage as required by law, resulting in a failure to stop and give information charge.

I am a senior at Strake Jesuit and will study pre-medicine. I did not want this accident and failure to stop and give information charge to interfere with my dream of becoming a doctor like my grandfather, father and brother. Mr. Haggard had the expertise to get my case dismissed by the first time he appeared in court and so he helped me pursue my career in medicine. Also he got it washed off my record.
~ Matthew M.


Case No. 1298656 – Michael B.


Our client was hit by the Complainant while both were backing out and was charged with failure to stop and give information in Houston, Texas. He did not “fail to stop”, and he did not refuse to divulge insurance information. Our client actually backed out first and the other man was therefore at fault, which defense attorney Carl Haggard was able to prove by the evidence. Each agreed to each pay for his own minimal damage, which was more than fair to Complainant, who caused the accident. Our client had business associates with him who witnessed this mutual agreement. Complainant later filed charges on our client, who was shocked when arrested several weeks later on a warrant.


Case No. 1175601 – Stephen D.


Our client caused minor damage to his neighbor’s parked car and claimed he made several attempts to inform the neighbor, who claimed otherwise. This resulted in Stephen being charged with failure to stop and give information. Using his mediation skills (Mr. Haggard has a triple certification as a Mediator – Arbitrator), Mr. Haggard was able to resolve the legal dispute and get the case dismissed.


Case No. 1128372 – Ernest N.



Case No. 1328644 – Aida H.


Aida allegedly ran over a high school student, callously threw a “Smile God Loves You” religious tract as he lay injured on the ground and then sped off in full view of a nearby witness who tried to wave her down. Ch. 13 TV News approached her daughter with cameras and mics for a statement in front of their house and then new stories featured Aida’s photo with slanderous headlines of “Hit Run – Call Crime Stoppers If You See This Person” after cleverly-spliced sound bites were aired making it seem as if she were hiding out. Aida was unjustly persecuted on social media sites rife with anti-Christian propaganda. She decided to change lawyers and find one sympathetic to her rather than the Complainant as her first attorney seemed. She was also concerned that he never mentioned surveillance camera evidence, scene photos or the use of medical or other forensic experts if the case went to Trial. But– most of all – he didn’t listen. [See Testimonial.] Unfortunately by the time Aida hired us she had already been more or less tricked by police into giving a recorded statement without being advised of her right to have an attorney present. We listened carefully as she proposed her theory that Complainant and witnesses were scam artists but, after explaining to her how that was not a good defense under the facts, we proceeded to develop ours. Complainant had been treated for injuries by HFD but we proved beyond a reasonable doubt his injuries occurred when he fell in front of her car after she alertly slammed on her brakes in time to avoid hitting the running jaywalker. [The OR stated he was walking.] Police interviewed a scene witness for the Crash Report who stated, “I was standing across the street and saw the car hit him. I yelled at the lady to stop but she just left..” We worked with the DA’s office to obtain time to gather our evidence, do our research and prepare our defense for presentation to the Grand jury. This included scene photos and diagrams to portray for the Grand Jury how the witness, from his vantage point, could not have distinguished whether Complainant had been struck. Medical records helped us prove the injuries, based on their location on his body, were not likely to have been caused by contact with her vehicle. We argued the many obvious and compelling points of the case then deftly used her personal background and resume to finish a portrait of a responsible, empathetic woman who takes her faith seriously and was not the guilty hypocrite the media made her out to be.

When I first met attorney Carl Haggard, he asked me the incident and to show him how it happened, so I demonstrated it to him. Right there he already knew how to interpret the incident using the right words that made more sense. He is a good advocate and very experienced lawyer. He also has faith in God for he told me, “The Lord is on our side.”
~ Aida H.