Case No. 1379843 – Erick V.
This was a major victory for the owner of a trucking company who was accused of causing a major 3-car accident while driving his 18-wheeler.  The accident included a totaled vehicle and injuries requiring ambulance transport to the hospital for both plaintiffs.  Erick was driving his 18-wheeler & felt an impact but was unaware he had hit anyone.  He did slow down & pull over briefly but when he didn’t see anyone else pulling over he concluded he had hit road debris, if anything, and continued on to make his delivery in time.  We had to contend with several negatives in this case:  An inaccurate police diagram of the accident, Erick’s admission to police at the scene that he had felt a bump, & a witness who followed him and reported him striking yet another vehicle before exiting the freeway, making a u-turn & going in the opposite directionas if trying to flee the scene.  Erick’s CDL, his trucking company, and his whole career was at stake in this case.   We won our No Bill by a skillful Grand Jury brief and presentation showing that due to the size of his truck, the limitations on his vision, and the accident logistics [locations of the 2 other vehicles and property damage locations to all 3 vehicles] he was unaware he had hit anyone.  We also provided credible and documented explanations with Affidavits of the reason for exit & u-turn.  Finally, we saved him from agreeing to pay for any damages which would have been construed as an admission of civil liability.

Mr. Haggard saved my trucking company, my career as a CDL driver, my marriage, and my life! Mr. Haggard’s work ethic, track record and honesty are outstanding. I would never recommend any other attorney other than Mr. Haggard. Without him, I don’t know what the outcome would have been. ~ Erick V.

Case No. 1328644 – Aida H.
Aida allegedly ran over a high school student pedestrian, callously threw a “Smile God Loves You” religious tract as he lay injured on the ground and then sped off in full view of a nearby witness who tried to wave her down. Ch. 13 TV News approached her daughter with cameras and mikes for a statement in front of their house and then new stories featured Aida’s photo with slanderous headlines of “Hit & Run – Call Crime Stoppers If You See This Person” after cleverly-spliced sound bites were aired making it seem as if she were hiding out. Aida was unjustly persecuted on social media sites rife with anti-Christian propaganda. She decided to change lawyers and find one sympathetic to her rather than the Complainant as her first attorney seemed. She was also concerned that he never mentioned surveillance camera evidence, scene photos or the use of medical or other forensic experts if the case went to Trial. But– most of all – he didn’t listen. [See Testimonial.] Unfortunately by the time Aida hired us she had already been more or less tricked by police into giving a recorded statement without being advised of her right to have an attorney present. We listened carefully as she proposed her theory that Complainant and witnesses were scam artists but, after explaining to her how that was not a good defense under the facts, we proceeded to develop ours. Complainant had been treated for injuries by HFD but we proved beyond a reasonable doubt his injuries occurred when he fell in front of her car after she alertly slammed on her brakes in time to avoid hitting the running jaywalker. [The OR stated he was walking.] Police interviewed a scene witness for the Crash Report who stated, “I was standing across the street and saw the car hit him. I yelled at the lady to stop but she just left..” We worked with the DA’s office to obtain time to gather our evidence, do our research and prepare our defense for presentation to the Grand jury. This included scene photos and diagrams to portray for the Grand Jury how the witness, from his vantage point, could not have distinguished whether Complainant had been struck. Medical records helped us prove the injuries, based on their location on his body, were not likely to have been caused by contact with her vehicle. We argued the many obvious and compelling points of the case then deftly used her personal background and resume to finish a portrait of a responsible, empathetic woman who takes her faith seriously and was not the guilty hypocrite the media made her out to be.

When I first met attorney Carl Haggard, he asked me the incident and to show him how it happened, so I demonstrated it to him. Right there he already knew how to interpret the incident using the right words that made more sense. He is a good advocate and very experienced lawyer. He also has faith in God for he told me, “The Lord is on our side.” ~ Aida H.

Case No. 1293255- Ismael C.
The lying Complainant in this bogus case presented it to police as an attempted Robbery that ended in serious injuries to himself: Ismael went to pick up an unrepaired computer after six months in the “shop” he’d found on Craig’s List – which turned out to be the repairman’s [Complainant] home. When the Complainant asked to be paid for the still-unrepaired computer, Ismael refused and started to back his truck out. While doing so Complainant jumped onto the side rails of Ismael’s truck and assaulted Ismael including grabbing the steering wheel which caused the moving truck to swerve and Complainant to fall and sustain injuries; an EMT arrived at the scene and Complainant was transported to the hospital. It did not occur to Ismael, an honest man, to make a defensive report to police to forestall a lying Complainant. He assumed that the fact that Complainant had attempted to defraud Ismael, had rather assaulted Ismael and had caused his own injuries to himself would prevent him from lying to police and fabricating an entirely different story. WRONG. It did not help matters that Ismael was in the Sheriff’s database due to two prior assault charges. We prepared Ismael for testifying along with a convincing Grand Jury brief which included several meticulous eyewitness Affidavits, phone and other evidence records and BBB records on Complainant’s business – it had an “F” rating – to impeach his credibility.

“Mr. Haggard put my worries at ease with the legal experience he brought to the table when I was facing a tough District Attorney. “ ~Ismael C.