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Case No. 9847989 and 9847990 – Richard R.


Client was accused of assaulting his wife, fighting with the police in front of his home, and then fleeing. Prior to trial the State dismissed the Assault case. The Jury was out thirty minutes.

On Thanksgiving Day at my home two police jumped on me and I had to get away from them by running through my house and out the back door. I have a prior felony record and did not think anyone would believe me and my family over two police. My prayers were answered when I found Mr. Haggard! I am the sole support for my family and Mr. Haggard basically kept them from being out on the street… Mr. Haggard was smooth and persuasive and the jury was out only thirty minutes. Also, I wanted badly to testify in my own behalf, but Mr. Haggard convinced me that, with my felony record, I shouldn’t. I am so glad that I had Mr. Haggard to fight for me.
~ Richard R.