$100,000 Bank Embezzlement
Federal Case No.4:94-cr-00044; USA v. Lisa T.

Lisa worked for a large bank and embezzled $100,000 for personal use over a period of some years. Using his years of experience with white collar crime cases, Mr. Haggard advised her to, “Sell the boat, sell the Mercedes, sell your oldest child into slavery…” – i.e., do whatever it takes to borrow or scrape together a lump sum restitution payment. We also advised her on how to portray and document her sincere remorse to best advantage. HLF was able to keep her out of jail except for some initial weekend time. After Mr. Haggard’s final arguments in the case, Federal Court Judge Lynn Hughes commented from the bench that he had NEVER seen anyone pay such a large amount of restitution in one lump sum like that; it turned the tide in the case and kept it off her record.

Case No. – [HLF successfully prevented charges from being filed – no case number.] – Tony Y.

When a well-qualified criminal defense attorney is brought on board early in a case, he may be successful in preventing charges from being filed. In a recent case, our client Tony Y. [no case number is available as charges were never brought] was accused of embezzling a large sum of money from his employer, a large, well-known fast food franchise. Mr. Y’s family retained Mr. Haggard before charges had been filed. Mr. Haggard, a trained, certified mediator, ascertained that the company did not want adverse publicity that it had been victimized. He then was able to negotiate with law enforcement and our client’s employers to obtain an agreement that allowed Mr. Y. to make restitution after which Mr. Haggard prepared a Release binding Mr. Y’s employers not to come after Mr. Y either criminally or civilly. Had the family not retained Mr. Haggard at this early juncture of the investigation, charges would definitely have been brought against out client.