This is the first in a multi-part series on DWI offenses in Houston, Harris County, and surrounding areas. In later series we will cover some of the common problems with aspects such as blood alcohol tests and field sobriety tests. In this post we will discuss the PTI program – a Harris County DWI program that upon successful completion will allow for a DWI to be dismissed.

This information is intended as supplementary and not a replacement for an experienced DWI criminal defense attorney. Every legal case is different and requires an experienced aggressive defense counsel who will fight for you. If you are being charged with a DWI in Houston, don’t hesitate to call or email our legal defense team today for a free confidential discussion regarding the particulars of your case.

The DWI PTI program is a first time offender pre-trial intervention program that upon successful completion allows for the dismissal of a DWI charge. Because a DWI offense can have life-long negative consequences, it is imperative for first time offenders to examine and consider a program such as DWI PTI. If you meet the qualifications, two years after completion of the program and with no subsequent offenses, the DWI offense is dismissed with the possibility of expunging the offense from your record.

While the DWI PTI program is not technically probation, it has many similarities. The program generally takes a year and requires various fees such as an assessment fee, a DA’s office fee, and several hours of mandatory classes accompanied with fees. We can discuss these fees with you [they range from $60 to $200 dollars] and most are one-time fees.

Houston DWI PTI Conditions:

  • A first time Driving While Under The Influence offender with no offense on record more serious than a class C misdemeanor
  • A lawful permanent resident of the US or a US Citizen
  • Live in Harris County or contiguous county
  • You must be employed or actively in school
  • No high travel demands – the program will require your attendance over the period of its implementation
  • No additional charges in conjunction except possession of marijuana or controlled substance
  • You did not refuse a breathalyzer test
  • Breathalyzer test did not read more than .15 blood alcohol level
  • A valid Texas drivers license and insurance at the time of offense

If you meet the above conditions, the PTI program is a great opportunity to get a serious offense dismissed and opens the possibility for getting a potential Driving While Under the Influence fully expunged from your record. Here we have covered the initial basics of the program and our defense lawyers are ready to help you today.

If you or someone you know may qualify for this program, please contact us to discuss the particulars of your case. We have over 30 years of experienced defending and winning criminal cases in Houston, Texas. Attorney Carl D. Haggard is an Ex-District Chief Prosecutor: his experience on both sides of the court room contribute to his ability to provide you the best legal defense possible. When you call you will speak to an attorney and we will immediately go to work for you.

For more information about DWI charges in Houston, Harris County, and surrounding areas, see our Texas DWI Information page.

In our next post, we will discuss important need-to-know details about blood alcohol tests.

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