The number of DWI arrests in Houston and Houston alone is staggering. DWI task force officers line the roadways at night, waiting for any unsuspecting person who leaves a bar or anyone who swerves even slightly – such as reaching for a cell phone – as a pretext to stop them. They are trained to “take no prisoners”.

But while Texas has one of the highest rates of DWI fatalities in the nation, many – if not most – of those arrested for DWI in Houston or Houston are NOT intoxicated. We know that from our personal caseload experience in Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston, Brazoria and surrounding Texas counties. But going through the arrest and court process of a DWI can damage, destroy or at the very least disrupt your life.

Call the Houston defense attorneys at The Haggard Law Firm for DWI Charges if you have been accused of, have a warrant, or are under investigation for:

For more information see our Texas DWI Crimes Information page under Resources.

So What Can Happen To Me or a Loved One if Charged with a DWI in Houston?

If charged with a DWI in Houston and your BAC (Breath or Blood Alcohol Content) is over the legal limit of .08 you could be facing:

  • Jail or probation [a permanent conviction]
  • A high fine
  • $3000 in DPS driver’s license related surcharges
  • Ignition interlock requirement on your car

And this is only the short list…

If this is your second DWI offense or third DWI offense, the penalties are more severe. As experienced Houston DWI attorneys we will explain the possible consequences, and how we will build a successful case for you and fight the charges. Our firm has over three decades of experience and has successfully contesting DWI’s for Texas clients.

Can You Help Me Keep My Drivers License With a Possible DWI Charge?

Refusing to take the test can be used against you in court, and you could have your driver’s license suspended. We will contest the suspension of your license to help you keep your license.

If you have consented to a drug test/chemical test, The Houston criminal defense lawyers at The Haggard Law Firm will:

  • Get your blood/breath test results
  • Get a copy of your Field Sobriety Test video if there is one
  • Advise you regarding them

These tests are not fool-proof or absolutely and always valid scientifically. They can be disputed as there are many factors which can and often do invalidate them.

Together we will decide if the best route for you is to contest your tests or to plead.

If you decide to plead, we’ll negotiate as aggressively – and creatively – as we can to obtain the best outcome for you.

Clients rely on Carl Haggard’s expertise:

  • Former Houston District Court Chief Prosecutor
  • Former Houston Misdemeanor Court Chief Prosecutor
  • Nationally Certified Mediator-Arbitrator – Triple Certification
  • Nationally-Known Author and Speaker on Civil Rights
  • Washington, DC Speech-Maker on Constitutional Issues
  • Licensed to Practice in the United States Supreme Court
  • Honors Graduate from Law School – Cum Laude
  • Former UH Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Thousands of Cases and Trials Handled

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Being arrested for a DWI crime can be a traumatic and stressful experience for you and your loved ones. Experienced Houston DWI Attorney Carl Haggard will defend you and your rights. We understand people make mistakes; we’re on your side and are not judgmental. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your life, not to criticize you or demean you.

During the term of your case with us, we will be your partner and friend against the prosecutors and the State of Texas, whose prosecutors will treat you as guilty until proven innocent and often in a degrading, dehumanizing manner.

We work hard to offer you the best criminal defense at an affordable price!