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We have offices in Downtown Houston and on the West Side near Sugar Land.  We have over 3 decades of experience and former District Chief Prosecutor standing. We have documented, verifiable results [using case numbers] in these categories.

We are familiar with and handle PCS, POM and related  offenses in Houston, Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston, Brazoria and surrounding Texas counties.


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Carl Haggard’s reputation for integrity makes him one of Houston’s most-respected criminal defense attorneys.

Clients rely on Carl Haggard’s expertise:

  • Former Houston District Court Chief Prosecutor
  • Former Houston Misdemeanor Court Chief Prosecutor
  • Nationally Certified Mediator-Arbitrator – Triple Certification
  • Nationally-Known Author and Speaker on Civil Rights
  • Washington, DC Speech-Maker on Constitutional Issues
  • Licensed to Practice in the United States Supreme Court
  • Honors Graduate from Law School – Cum Laude
  • Former UH Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Thousands of Cases and Trials Handled

“We are very grateful to have found Mr. Haggard and Nancy to represent my brother! I have dealt with a couple other attorneys before and I can truly say that this has been the most pleasant and professional one.”
– Cyndi

“Mr. Haggard did an excellent job on my case. He was very helpful and worked extremely hard to get me a great outcome! Mr. Haggard demonstrated a lot of support and showed me that he care about my case.”
– Liban

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Q:  I did have drugs on my person/in my car/in my purse. Can you beat my case?

A:  Maybe. Every case is different.  But of those that we do win, most are won on suppression hearings. In appropriate cases, such as where drugs were found but there was an issue with the search, we file a Motion to Suppress Evidence.

Q: So you file a Motion to Suppress and you are guaranteed to win my case?

A:  No.  In fact, these suppression hearings are often lost —  not on the merits of the case per se but due to a judicial bias favoring  prosecution and law enforcement. But by filing the Motion, we position our client to take it up on Appeal if he so desires in the future and we have laid the groundwork for Trial litigation at the State level.

Q: What happens if you do file a Motion to Suppress in my case and you lose?

A:  We can either go groveling to the Prosecutors from our weakened position as “loser” in our courtroom warfare for a Plea deal – not preferred but you decide – or we can set the case for Trial – preferred. What sometimes happens, esp.  in larger, busier counties like Harris, is that the State, by our suppression motion, has been forced to take the time to reconsider the merits of their own case.  Our suppression hearing bothered them and cost them time and money and aggravation and .. they may be willing to end it with a more palatable Plea deal now rather than continue the fight at Trial. In at least some of these instances, the DA’s realize that our case, while not suppressed, is stronger than they thought, and they do then offer a more palatable plea bargain agreement which, if the client chooses, he can take and run.  Or, we can proceed to Trial.

But every case is different. Which court we are in – the judge and the current DA’s – all have an impact on our decisions. We know them and are in these courts on a regular basis and are in a position to advise.

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