Case No. 1616036 – Julio H.
Julio had a prior weapon conviction when arrested for discharging a gun. Prior to Julio’s arrival at a party, another person had fired his gun during an altercation and driven off in a white vehicle which was reported to police. Julio arrived after this incident driving – you guessed it – a white vehicle with a loaded gun inside. An eyewitness told police Julio was the one who fired the gun. We used other eyewitness testimony to document the reason for the presence of a loaded gun in Julio’s vehicle – namely, as it so happened – he had indeed fired his gun at his friend’s ranch the day previous and had not yet removed the still-loaded gun from his vehicle. The facts were stacked against us and it did sound implausible but Mr. Haggard is highly persuasive and skilled in using evidence and witnesses to good effect. We went into this case late in the game – just in time to set it for Trial. Julio had originally hired another attorney but had lost confidence in him since he wasn’t returning his phone calls and had called no witnesses. This other attorney had advised Julio he was looking at a minimum of three mos. in jail. We advised him, “Let’s fight this and not give in.” The right attorney makes all the difference. Julio took care of his elderly parents plus had a $10,000 school loan out at Ocean Corporation which he would have lost had he been incarcerated and unable to start his classes. The risk was too great so he bailed out with the other attorney and hired HLF based on our proven success record for clients in weapons-related charges. We were ready for Trial – but the State of Texas was not ready for us.