Our Criminal Defense Case Results

Acquitted DismissedDEADLY CONDUCT
Case No. 2026402 – Steven J.


Client was a documented gang member who fired a shot to scare off intruders – but did not make a police report. A half hour later he got into a physical fight with his girlfriend. When Gang Task Force officers arrived she told them he had fired a shot in the air and threatened that his boys were going to find her for breaking up. The gun and a spent .380 cartridge were found in the bedroom and police stated they had heard the shot just moments before arriving on the scene. The Offense Report stated there were no witnesses but we were able to find and use one. We used our witness’ testimony, Facebook and text messages, photo evidence and Discovery Motion to obtain a Dismissal.

Case No. 1672552 – Chris C.


Chris, a General Manager of a large, international hotel corporation, was accused by a female motorist of cutting her off, driving recklessly, making obscene gestures and then pointing and waving a handgun at her during a road rage incident. She picked him out of a lineup and testified that she was in fear for her life. We carefully presented Chris’ version of the incident in court – which involved his cell phone, not a gun, as he tried to take a picture of Complainant’s license plate.

Case No. 1744754 – Steve P.


After being aggressively threatened on his own property, Steve retrieved a loaded gun from his house for self-defense. We had a defense witness who was able to corroborate Steve’s assertion that the gun was held down at his side, by his leg, at all times. The Complainant who, as we argued, was technically a trespasser at that point on Steve’s property, called police. Carl Haggard, a well-known expert on Texas gun laws and rights, speedily outlined our defenses and the laws that were on our side to obtain a Dismissal early on in this case – and this – despite the fact that Steve had several unsavory priors including Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Case No. 1108450 – Darinder S.