The Haggard Law Firm, located in Houston, TX, has over 30 years of legal experience and a verifiable winning record defending clients against the state in all areas of criminal defense. Carl Haggard – lead defense attorney – is a former District Court Prosecutor, which provides him with the knowledge to give his clients the best legal defense possible. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime in Houston Texas, Harris County, or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact The Haggard Law Firm today. We offer a confidential evaluation to discuss your case. You will speak directly to an attorney who is passionate about helping the accused and we will to go work immediately to defend you against your charges.

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Lanisha Echols
Lanisha Echols
I highly commend Carl Haggard for their exceptional legal expertise in successfully securing a deferred felony outcome for my husband. Their strategic approach, dedication, and thorough understanding of legal system played a pivotal role in achieving this positive result. We are immensely grateful for their professionalism and unwavering support throughout the challenging legal process. Carl Haggard truly demonstrated a commitment to justice, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate legal advocate.
Edwin Robles
Edwin Robles
I highly recommend Mr Haggard for any legal representation you may need. The outstanding work done by him and his team was absolutely top tier.
The best decision I have ever made in my life so far is to contact Carl Haggard law firm to represent me in a most complex case. I was blown away by the professionalism and the wiliness to flight my case. Mr Haggard and Nancy were very responsive and kept me updated through out the process. It took 2 years but the case was finally dismissed and will be expunged. I fully trust and recommend him and his team.
Justin Pervis
Justin Pervis
Hands down the very best ! Professionalism, promptness, and knowledge is unmatched. The Haggard Law Firm is the very best, ever !
Ailyn Arriaza
Ailyn Arriaza
This firm is great. They were constantly in communication and did everything they could to help our case. They are great and I definitely recommend them.
Ricky B
Ricky B
The most remarkable law firm I have encountered which humble and prolific staff. Carl Haggard and Nancy are driven and self-motivated proactive staff that have a fierceness and tenacity with handling one’s cases. They were able to assist me with the dismissals of a Continuous Violence charge and a Robbery with bodily injury. Any bond violations for being out after curfew due to maintenance issues they were able to smooth over and get a very thorough and documented brief over to the judge made in less than 24 hours. They also excel at going the extra mile in communication even not only with myself but my mother. It’s been a long journey of over 2 years and trust me when the court system is sluggish, you want a team like the Haggard Law Firm at your back. They have outstanding rapport and a great reputation in the community. If ever on the fence, do know that I’ve used them for a double felony and a misdemeanor and they are worth every penny. I got my life back and if you value yours, I would hire them without a doubt.
Peter Onuoha
Peter Onuoha
If you ever need a criminal defense attorney who will get you the result you are looking for, look no further. The first time Mr. Haggard went to court with me, it felt as if lightening struck the courtroom that day. All I kept hearing was dismissed. Final result was that fourteen charges were dismissed out of fifteen charges that day. I highly recommend Mr. Haggard and can never thank him enough.
I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Haggard's work. He took my case out of state, and I had a case with a lot of external complications, some that I know most other lawyers might not have put the same effort and commitment into digging into and properly addressing. Mr. Haggard was very responsive and candid about the possibilities regarding my potential outcomes. His law firm put in the extra work to get the best possible outcome for me, which was a dismissal and now undergoing an expungement. This was the right outcome, but it took a lot of extra work to get us there. I recommend Mr. Haggard to anyone needing good and dilligent representation.
Tocus Tinoco
Tocus Tinoco
Carl Haggard is the best lawyer and his legal firm are Hands down the absolute best legal firm in Houston! Carl has the best team, Nancy and Richard are very helpful, supportive, professional, and all around awesome. I got into a legal nightmare, Carl and his team were able to move in and they knocked it out of the park quickly, now it's like nothing ever happened. I would highly recommend the Haggard Law Firm. THE BEST LEGAL FIRM IN HOUSTON.
B Brown
B Brown
Late last year while on Federal Probation I was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. Because of my situation I was not only facing prison in Texas, but ALSO facing revocation of my Federal Probation. I could not afford to take chances with a public defender in this matter, as the potential consequences were severe. I chose to hire Carl Haggard. His entire team was straight forward from the beginning and handled my case with kindness and professionalism. In the end, the charges against me were dismissed, my probation was not revoked. I am grateful to say I am composing this review from the comfort of my home office while listening to my daughter play and smelling the aroma of my wife's cooking. Thank you Mr. Haggard.

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    Legal Defense Areas of Practice

    Assault [Non-Family]

    Assault [Family]

    Child / Elderly / Disabled

    • Child / Elderly / Disabled [Non-Sexual]
    • Injury to Child
    • Child Endangerment
    • Child Abandonment
    • Injury to Disabled Person
    • Injury to Elderly

    Drug Related

    • Possession Intent to Deliver
    • Possession Crack Cocaine
    • Possession Cocaine
    • Possession Heroin
    • Possession Pills
    • Manufacture & Delivery Controlled Substances
    • Misdemeanor Possession Marijuana
    • Felony Possession Marijuana
    • Possession of Dangerous Drug
    • Possession of Synthetic Marijuana
    • Possession of Synthetic Zanax
    • Possession Nitrous Oxide / Inhalant Abuse


    Fraud / Forgery

    • Counterfeiting
    • Insurance Fraud
    • Failure to Maintain Motor Vehicle Title Records
    • Possession of Fraudulent / False ID
    • Tampering with Government Documents
    • Fictitious / Counterfeit Instrument
    • Counterfeit Inspection Sticker
    • Welfare Fraud
    • Embezzlement

    Police / Roadway

    • Evading Arrest on Foot
    • Evading Arrest in Motor Vehicle
    • Evading Detention
    • Resisting Arrest

    Police / Roadway (cont.)

    Probation / Revocation

    Property Crimes / Burglary

    • Burglary of Habitation
    • Burglary of Motor Vehicle
    • Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
    • Criminal Mischief
    • Criminal Trespass


    • Aggravated Robbery with Deadly Weapon
    • Robbery Threats / Bodily Harm

    Sex Crimes

    • Indecent Exposure
    • Sexual Assault of Child [14 – 17]
    • Sexual Assault of Adult
    • Sexual Performance by Child
    • Indecency with Child
    • Prostitution


    • Felony Employee Theft
    • Felony Theft
    • Theft 2nd Offender
    • Misdemeanor Theft
    • Shoplifting
    • Auto Theft
    • Theft by Check

    Threat / Speech Crimes

    • Terroristic Threat
    • Retaliation
    • Harassment

    Weapons Crimes

    • Felon in Possession of Weapon
    • Felony Possession of Prohibited Weapon
    • Felony Possession Weapon in Prohibited Place [Airport]
    • Unlawful Carrying a Weapon [UCAW]
    • Discharging Firearm in Metropolitan Area
    • Disorderly Conduct
    • Deadly / Disorderly Conduct

    Miscellaneous Offenses

    • Kidnapping
    • Unlawful Restraint
    • Cruelty to Animals
    • Illegal Fireworks