Researching a Potential Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged or are being investigated for a crime in Houston, TX, hiring the right criminal defense attorney can be confusing and stressful. In this post, the criminal defense team at The Haggard Law Firm will provide some information that will be useful for you during this trying time.

We will assume that you have reached the stage where you are considering hiring a Houston Texas criminal defense attorney. It should be noted that under the circumstances of being charged or investigated for a crime, it’s best to hire a defense attorney as soon as possible to represent your rights and interests, as the more time that passes the more difficult it may become to provide you the strongest defense possible.

Defense attorneys are bound by a set of rules and ethics that enforce integrity on the part of your defense. As such, there are red flags to look for when examining potential lawyers for your case. First and foremost, no attorney should contact you directly without your initiating the contact. If a lawyer reaches out to you without your initial consent, that is a felony offense on the part of the attorney. While attorneys are allowed to advertise, they are not allowed to directly contact you first regarding a case. At The Haggard Law Firm we have both a dedicated phone number 832-328-0600 and a quick email contact you may use to initiate contact regarding your case and our highly experienced defense team will provide you a no obligation free consultation regarding the strongest way to proceed regarding your defense.

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When considering hiring a Texas defense attorney, the most important thing to look for is experience. You will find some lawyers who have a list of awards but very little actual trial experience. Your defense attorney should be able to show you verifiable cases where he or she has provided successful defenses for clients who have been charged with similar offenses as you are being charged with [with case result numbers.] For example, if you are charged with DWI in Houston, it is not enough that your potential attorney belong to a legal organization devoted to DWI defense, he or she should be able to show you real world documented cases where he or she successfully defended and won against DWI charges. Lead criminal defense attorney Carl D. Haggard at The Haggard Law Firm has over 30 years of verifiable winning experience in all areas of criminal law and he is more than happy to provide real world evidence of his many court room victories. For sample case results, see our case results pages or contact us directly.

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While the legal job of the defense attorney is to provide you the best defense possible for your case, ultimately you should have the final say in how your case proceeds. A defense attorney who says your case will not go to trial is a red flag – this could mean the lawyer has made the decision for you. Whether your case goes to trial is an issue that should be discussed together between you and your attorney where your attorney will explain to you all of the options available and potential consequences of those options and then the final decision should be made and agreed upon together.

Legal Fees in a Criminal Defense Case

A critical part of any legal defense is determing the fees involved in your case. While it is natrual that we seek the “best deal”, a lawyer who either cannot tell you how much your defense will cost or who charges significantly less than comparable attorney rates is a red flag. A strong defense takes significant time and resources. A low fee can indicate that the attorney does not plan to spend much time on your case or will not utilize the necessary resources to successfully defend you. This could also indicate that the attorney does not very much experience, as he or she may not know the extent of time and resources it takes to win the case. Fees should be both fair and reasonable for the time investment involved for a top-tier defense. The attorney should also have researched the particulars of your case so that he or she can provide you the fee in writing.

Finally, your potential attorney should devote most, if not all, of his or her practice to criminal defense. If you are charged with a crime your finances, liberty, and reputation are at stake. It is imperative that your attorney not merely “dabble” in criminal defense, but is an expert in criminal defense. At The Haggard Law Firm we focus only on criminal defense. Carl Haggard is an Ex-District Chief Prosecutor, so he has been on both sides of the court room. He knows how the prosecutors will try to convict you and he has decades of experience defending clients against those very tactics.

If you are in Houston, Texas, Harris County, or the surrounding areas, call 832-328-0600 or email Carl Haggard today if you are charged with a crime. Carl will personally provide a free consultation and immediately go to work on your case. Per the red flags above, Carl:

  • Will provide you with verifiable winning cases where he has defended clients in Houston with your charges
  • Personally explain all of the options available to you along with the pros and cons of those options – while his experience is invaluable towards winning your case – ultimately you have the final say so in how your case proceeds
  • Will research all of the particulars of your case and provide a fair fee in writing. While it may not be the lowest fee on the market, it will be a fee that takes into account the resources necessary not just to take your case, but to win your case.
  • Carl Haggard only does criminal defense. He is an expert Texas trial attorney and has a documented record to prove it.

In this post we have covered some useful information for hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Texas. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston