Expunctions and Non-Disclosures FAQ

For information on the September 2015 changes to the Non-Disclosure law (applicable for 1st time misdemeanors), click New Texas Non-Disclosure Law.

How can I clear my record?

1. If you got probation:

It’s a final conviction and there is nothing an attorney can do to clear your record. It cannot be sealed or expunged.

2.If you got deferred adjudication:

You may be eligible to have your record sealed through a Non-Disclosure Order. Not all types of offenses are eligible for sealing after Deferred Adjudication & of those that are, some require a waiting period of 2 to 5 years after the successful completion of deferred adjudication. Call our office to find out if you are eligible.

Further, you must have no new charges or arrests between the completion of the subject deferred adjudication and the time we file your Petition for Non-Disclosure. [Traffic offenses do not count.] Certain prior convictions will also render you ineligible. Call our office.

A case dismissed after deferred adjudication is not eligible for an expunction, (except for Class C’s deferreds.)

See Sealing/Non-Disclosures for more information

3.If you got a Dismissal or a Grand Jury No Bill:

You are eligible for an expunction, probably immediately (with no waiting period.) Usually we can obtain a waiver of any Statute of Limitations waiting period from the District Attorney’s office. Call our office.

See Expunctions for more information
4.If you got Pre-Trial Intervention or DWI PTI:

You are eligible for an Expunction 2 years from the date of Dismissal. So, approx. 2 years from the successful completion of your term of supervision. There is no way around this waiting period.

See Expunctions for more information

5.If you got a Not Guilty verdict:

You have the right to an immediate or expedited expunction. After a Not Guilty verdict The Haggard Law Firm (depending on the case) either initiates the expunction process immediately after the verdict is received in the courtroom or files an expedited Petition for Expunction.

You are always eligible for an expunction of any Not Guilty verdict at any time although we may not be able to get it expedited depending on how long ago your Not Guilty was received. Call our office.

See Expunctions for more information

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