We have an office in Downtown Houston and over 3 decades of experience and former District Chief Prosecutor standing. We have documented, verifiable results dealing with abuse charges in Houston.

Call our expert criminal defense lawyers for abuse charges if you have been accused of, have a warrant, or are under investigation for:


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Our Houston Child Injury / Neglect Criminal Defense Attorneys handle a broad spectrum of crimes in which the Complainants are the weakest members of our community – children, the elderly and the disabled. And we do it with compassion for the Defendant who is often a relative to the Complainant and loves the Complainant very much – despite the allegations, which are often false or greatly exaggerated.

After decades of experience handling Injury to Child, Child Endangerment and Child Abandonment cases in Houston, Harris and surrounding counties, we recognize and understand the pressures families are under today that can lead to circumstances which make great fodder for prosecution in the Texas courts.

Child Injury / Neglect Charges Defense

Such cases often involve ancillary CPS intervention.  We are skilled and experienced in advising our clients on how to best handle the CPS bureaucratic quagmire.

Draconian laws exist that often make the State the Enforcer and the Parent, giving it too much authority and control over the lives of families.  In those cases where —

  • the State has clearly overstepped the bounds of family rights and of reason
  • there are true mitigating conditions, such as –
    • Limited access to the child
    • Interference by the other parent
    • Circumstances beyond the parent’s control
  • the facts and evidence are absolutely in our client’s favor

We argue and fight for a Dismissal.

In cases where the Complainant was victimized – to a greater or lesser extent [and often it’s the lesser] by the Defendant, we fight to prevent an over-zealous prosecution from the State.

Q:  I am not the legal or custodial parent/guardian. Can I still be charged?

A:  Yes. You don’t have to be a proven, legal or custodial parent or guardian.  All it takes is formal recognition as the caregiver to make you liable in a charge of neglect to a child, elderly or disabled person.

Q: Can I see my child for holidays, special days, or visitation while the case is pending?

A: Every case is different but if necessary we will have a hearing to the judge while your case is pending to try to work out terms and conditions of visitation.

Punishment for Texas Child Injury and Neglect Cases

Unless enhanced by prior offenses or serious bodily injury, these cases are Third Degree Felonies carrying punishment of 2 to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.