Case No. 18-01-16320 – Amanda H.


To cool off after an argument with her husband, Amanda drove to a vacant field in a new home subdivision. She told her 5 year old son they were going to “camp out”. He fell asleep and she stepped outside the car to talk on the phone. She also drank wine & took her anxiety and depression meds which all combined to knock her out. When her son woke up at 2:00 am he did not see her in the car so he wandered around looking for his house then finally knocked on someone’s door, distraught. By the time officers located her car, Amanda was asleep inside but they had trouble waking her and she was unable to stand. A CPS case was opened and we began the long, hard fight to win this case for our client, starting with CPS and subpoenaing their records. From there we built our case and advocated strongly with the Court & the DA’s office to be allowed to provide substantial proof of Amanda’s rehabilitation and education prior to a final determination in the case. After many months we were able to convince them she had learned her lesson and we won the Dismissal of her case.


Case No. 12571890 – Tasha D.


Tasha was an insurance adjuster/busy mom who picked up her two children, ages three and five years, from daycare before stopping at the store. She left them inside the car with the windows cracked. Knowing exactly where the two items she intended to purchase were located, she knew she would not be long. She afterwards estimated it was not over ten minutes. [We were able to prove using cell phone records, receipt information, and drive time from daycare to store that she was inside the store for approx. eight minutes.] Upon returning to her car she discovered that she had parked next to an undercover police officer who was now standing beside it. He proceeded to throw her on the ground and threaten her with resisting arrest as she tried to call her husband to come get the children so they wouldn’t be given to CPS. These latter two events did not transpire but she was charged with Child Abandonment. We researched then argued the several strong points in the case which were in our favor, factors which we have learned over the years to be aids to a Dismissal, and combined this with an impressive array of character and professional references.

I searched and interviewed many attorneys. At my meeting with Mr. Haggard, he advised me what he felt would help me obtain the desired outcome. I listened to his advice and my case was dismissed on our first appearance. Mr. Haggard is worth every dollar.
~ Tasha D.