If you or a loved one has been charged with Burglary of Motor Vehicle in Houston / Harris County you need a criminal defense attorney with proven results that will fight for you. Carl Haggard has over 3 decades of winning experience and is a former prosecutor – call today to discuss your case and how The Haggard Law Firm can help.

See below for a selection of our burglary of motor vehicle case results.


Case No. 2455262 – Justin P.

DISMISSED – Aug 2nd, 2023

Burglary of Motor VehicleA recent high school graduate, Justin had a promising future as a pro basketball player. He was playing on an elite team when unfortunately he began running with the wrong crowd. He was caught on camera and seen in person by the cop/security guard in a Heights parking garage with a friend burglarizing vehicles.

Ski masks, a computer programmer, blank key fobs, a window punch, and a fictitious paper plate were found in their car as well as a VIN number search on the vehicle they were breaking into on Justin’s phone. To beat this case, Mr. Haggard prepared and argued a compelling mitigation packet, emphasizing Justin’s strong family support to ensure this would not happen again, his potential as a future basketball star, and negotiated a Dismissal if Justin would take a very lengthy Decision Making class.

We won a 2nd chance for Justin & enabled him to avoid any jeopardy to his future pro basketball career!


Case No. 1910253 – Krystal T.


Krystal was the innocent victim set up by a “friend” to pick up 2 guys they “ran into” who “needed a lift”. The friend assured her they were “ok”. The 2 guys went inside a Walmart and shoplifted then “forgot something” and went to burglarize vehicles in the parking lot. A witness saw them and told police Krystal had been the lookout as she drove around while the 2 guys did their deeds. Part of our defense included medical records proving Krystal drove around not as a lookout but for due to medically documented ADHD; she doesn’t like to sit still We set the case for Trial as Krystal was adamant about her innocence and not going to plead, subpoenaed our witnesses and filed our Trial and Discovery Motions. Our star witness had given us a bad address and rumor had it that she had fled to Mexico. We were preparing to go forward anyway and argue Krystal’s innocence to a jury when Mr. Haggard, just as adamant as Krystal, persuasively and articulately argued all the points – again – in proof of her innocence to the prosecutors and won a Dismissal shortly before Trial.


Case No. 1146824 – Nickolas B.

My name is Nick and Mr. Haggard has my permission to [use] my first name. I was on parole and caught three additional misdemeanor cases. When I lost all hope and thought all cards were against me, Mr. Haggard was by my side fighting for my freedom. He was my Wild Card!