Lawyer for officers and attorneys in HoustonMany Houston Attorneys & Police Officers Hire The Haggard Law Firm When Charged with a Crime

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney CARL D. HAGGARD is often retained by Houston attorneys and police officers and their families when they are charged with a criminal offense.

Below are some of our more recent case victories for Houston attorneys and police officers.

Christopher C. Case No. 1510310


Chris’ girlfriend actually assaulted him, not the other way around, while she was high on marijuana and intoxicated. She managed to convince police otherwise, however, as she did have a small mark on her face. We had several eyewitnesses on our side as well as a host of evidence incriminating Complainant’s character and testimony. This Domestic Violence case was tried in the felony court of Chris’ probation case and received a “Not Guilty” verdict. The trial victory was hard-won as the State had a light burden of proof [they only needed to prove a preponderance of the evidence] in order for our client to be found guilty of the misdemeanor assault and have his felony probation revoked. Winning this Domestic Violence case paved the way to a second victory in which we got Chris reinstated on his felony probation and saved him from jail.

I was facing some serious prison time but Mr. Haggard saved me. He did a great job on cross-examination of the Complainant and bringing out all the good points from both the cops and my own testimony.
~ Christopher C.

As a former Law Enforcement Officer I hired Mr. haggard to represent my son on his Assault and Violation of Probation charges. Mr. Haggard is the best of the best.
[Client’s father gave his cell number for those wishing to speak with him; call our office.]
~ Richard L. C.

E. C. A. Case No. 1077738


Our client was a HOUSTON ATTORNEY charged with theft in a case of mistaken identity. This was a multi-location, complex embezzlement scheme involving 2 suspects, one of whom was allegedly our client. In one phase of the operation, the suspects had the complainant drive the suspects to their bank, also our client’s bank, to make a cash withdrawal. Our client was positively ID’d by the complainant using bank surveillance photos taken by 9 digital cameras as our client did business inside his bank at the same time the true suspect was inside the bank. Thanks to Mr. Haggard’s skillful use of evidence, such as cell phone records, witness statements, alibis, and other documentation, our client continues to practice law.

My family and I thank attorney Carl Haggard for believing in me and in my defense in what appeared to be the most miserable accusation against me. You were relentless in showing to the State that I could not have committed such a crime, considering my position as an attorney, and the documentation.
~ E.C.A.

Clinton W. Case No. 1474448


Although this case had “self-defense” written all over it, Clinton was prosecuted for attacking a man armed with a knife. The Complainant had, in a previous fight, stabbed and seriously wounded Clinton during an argument about Clint’s wife, whom Complainant used to date. In a miscarriage of justice, Complainant was not arrested after Clint spoke with police while in the E.R. for his stab wound. Days later, Complainant clearly threatened our client by displaying the knife he had previously been stabbed with. In a further travesty of justice, Clinton himself was arrested after this second fight in which he struck Complainant in the head with a closed fist – in self-defense. Witness testimony revealed that, once Complainant had been subdued and asked Clinton to desist, he did so and did not continue pounding him. Mr. Haggard fought tooth and nail himself with Prosecutors, refusing to give up, and used medical records and witness’ testimony and other evidence to obtain a Dismissal just prior to setting the case for Trial.

After four months [working on the case],Mr. Haggard kept his word and brought me & my family relief.
~ Clinton W.

I am retired military and currently working in law enforcement. I chose Mr. Haggard based upon his record as being friendly to both organizations. He provided clear guidance in resolving the matter. Great job!
~ Client’s Father, Sheriff Deputy

A.C. Case No. [Expunged by Mr. Haggard.]


Our client was a HOUSTON ATTORNEY charged with assaulting another attorney. Mr. Haggard, a triple-certified Mediator/Arbitrator, used his mediation skills to work out an agreement acceptable to all parties.

I am a licensed attorney and I asked Mr. Haggard to represent me. Mr. Haggard provided excellent legal advice & zealously represented me. Thanks to him my case was dismissed.
~ A.C.

Pamela B. Case No. 857865



Our client was a Licensed Security Officer. While under the influence of an illegal substance, our client brandished her service revolver during a police confrontation. The prosecutors were pushing the jury for a felony conviction with a severe sentence.

My husband is a Law Enforcement Officer and I was a Licensed Security Officer and he’s the best Attorney trying cases we’ve ever seen. I am very pleased about the great job Mr. Haggard has done and his devotion and dedication. He’s a great trial lawyer. We call Mr. Haggard ‘The Hammer.’
~ Pamela B.

Gilbert C. Case No. [Expunged by Mr. Haggard]


All criminal records were later successfully expunged by Mr. Haggard after a civil court trial that was hotly contested by various government agency lawyers. Client was a police cadet at the time of this false charge and desperately needed this case off his record in order to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer. At the writing of this testimonial, client is a POLICE OFFICER.

I was a police officer cadet with a bright future, then lightning struck. I was looking at a 2nd degree felony that might have destroyed my life & ruined my law enforcement career; but Mr. Haggard, like a knight in armor, came to my rescue. With unstoppable dedication & professionalism he fought for me. I’ll be forever grateful.
~ Gilbert C.

Mike C. Case No. 1086452

Our client’s father, a retired HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFICER, hired Mr. Haggard when his son, while under the influence of 3 illegal drugs, stole one of his service revolvers, broke into a storage facility and threatened to shoot 2 occupants in the office.

I’m a retired [HPD] police officer. A family member required the help of a true God-fearing criminal attorney. Mr. Haggard came very highly recommended. His knowledge was the key in getting Deferred Adjudication (Dismissed, Not Guilty) and a new chance in life with no criminal record. Thank you so very much for your assistance in this matter. God Bless. Retired Officer Joe D.L.C.
~ Father of Client, Retired HPD Officer