Arrested in Houston Texas?

If you have been charged with a crime in Houston Texas, Harris County, or surrounding areas, here are 7 important things you should do immediately.

1. Hire an attorney to advise you, preserve evidence, plan a strategy, and prepare for court.

2. Ask eye witnesses to write down what they know or saw in their own words; this can be information related directly to the incident or pertinent background knowledge. For example, a witness might write that they have seen your boyfriend act aggressive and violent toward you when drunk – even though they did not see the subject incident. Bring those valuable statements with you to your first appointment with your attorney.

3. Search online for pertinent news and social media coverage your case may have received – with regard to you, the Complainant or any other person, event or entity related to the case – and print those out before they are deleted, disappear or are otherwise made private. Bring those to your first meeting with your attorney.

4. Go to the scene of the incident and inspect or inquire to find out if there were cameras in place and running at the time of the incident, if applicable. Waiting too long to ask for this evidence to be preserved often leads to its being lost. If you can’t obtain a copy on your own your attorney’s investigator often can. If the video evidence is not favorable to us we will not use it.

5. Take photos of the scene, property damage, evidence, injuries to yourself or others – especially those that fade with time such as bruises, anything you think may be pertinent. Bring them to your 1st appointment and we will sort through them to find the ones we can use.

Your First Attorney Meeting

6. Copy or preserve any recordings: audio or video, and any text messages or emails you think might help in your defense. Bring them to your 1st appointment or tell your attorney about them to find out if we can use them.

Preserving Legal Evidence

7. Write down a detailed timeline of the incidents surrounding your arrest before you forget, including any background information and events you believe are pertinent, and bring it with you to your 1st appointment.

* Our private investigators can and often do handle some or all of these tasks. But for reasons which will be explained when we meet it is sometimes better for the client to handle some of these. Further, by the time clients retain us it can often be too late for some of these.

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