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Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Haggard is a former Misdemeanor and District Court Chief Prosecutor with a lengthy tenure in the Harris County DA’s office. An expert in criminal law with over three decades of experience, Carl Haggard maintains the utmost integrity while providing the strongest criminal defense possible. Carl is respected by both Harris County Judges and Prosecutors.

If Convicted of a Crime

You can lose your job, your license, your gun rights, your reputation, your marriage, your ability to rent… and your sanity – getting arrested, going to jail and being accused in court are some of the worst things that can happen to anyone. The stress, anxiety, illness and turmoil it causes in your life and your relative’s lives is enormous. We can help you…Read more

If You’re a Repeat Offender or Have a Long Record

And are guilty of this latest charge, you may be depressed at having fallen back into old habits and facing time again. If you’re a repeat offender, accused but are not guilty of this latest charge, the anguish is greater, as you fear your past will follow you the rest of your life and that you will get convicted based on your priors. The expert criminal lawyers at Haggard Law Firm has helped many repeat offenders….Read more

Confidentiality: We Don’t Judge – We Defend

Once you’ve retained us, everything you tell us is protected by Attorney-Client Privilege, which we take very seriously. Knowing that in all criminal cases we maintain full confidentiality, there is no need to lie to us or conceal facts. We don’t judge – we defend. We need the truth for an honest evaluation and to provide you the strongest legal defense possible. We will not talk to any relative about your case without your permission…..Read more

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3 Things To Do If A Warrant Is Issued For Your Arrest

1. Hire an attorney.

2. Post a non-arrest bond, at which time you will receive your 1st court date. With a non-arrest bond you do not have to actually be booked into the jail. It lifts the warrant and you are no longer subject to being picked up at home, at work or if stopped on a traffic violation. Non-Arrest Bonds FAQ

3. Do not make any statements to law enforcement except upon the advice of a qualified attorney

5 Things To Look For In Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

1. Experience – A criminal defense attorney with a few decades of experience is ideal as criminal defense is mainly learned on the job and not in law school. You also ideally want someone with experience in your particular court if possible as each judge has different ways of handling things and looking at cases. And even though you don’t want a trial often preparing a case for one can lead to a Dismissal or a better Plea offer. A seasoned trial attorney who can do that when necessary is therefore better than an attorney who never goes to trial.

2. Results – Check their website or call to ask if they have successfully handled cases of the type you have. Every type of case has to be handled differently and nothing replaces experience with your type of charge. Click to see our case results for misdemeanor and felony cases in Houston Texas.

3. Honesty – You want an attorney who will tell you straight – what could happen, what you are looking at, their opinion of the chances of beating your case – not just what you want to hear. Use your common sense – if an attorney is overly optimistic when you know the facts are against you – they are probably not being honest with you. Worse, if they guarantee you they can obtain a particular outcome ask for it in writing and watch what happens, as that is against State Bar of Texas ethical rules. Link to Carl Haggard’s standing with the State Bar of Texas.

4. Fees – Ask what their legal fees include and in particular if they include a trial in the event your attorney cannot win a pre-trial Dismissal and you are unwilling to plead. Many attorneys will wait to tell you that it will be more when it’s time to set a case for trial. You don’t want that to happen. Click here to view information about The Haggard Law Firm’s fees.

5. Red Flags to Avoid – Click here for a list of warning signs to avoid in your search for representation.